About Tango Tango


Advances in communication technologies have impacted all our lives in profound ways. Unfortunately, these advances have been slow in coming to many who need them most. Policemen, firemen, EMS, public safety administrators, and commercial organizations have all relied on LMR (i.e. two-way radio) technology for decades. While these vital workers may enjoy the benefits of smartphones, broadband internet, and cloud data services at home, most have settled for far less at work.  Tango Tango is helping to change this, bringing modern communications technology to those who need it most.


Our mobile applications and LMR gateways are bringing safety and mission critical push-to-talk, messaging, and location services to iPhone and Android mobile devices. Our LMR gateways enable controlled access to traditional radio systems, providing the convenience of mobile cellular communications and allowing for unprecedented interoperability with adjoining agencies and organizations. With our new Tango Tango ConnectCare service management and monitoring software, we’ve delivered the visibility and flexibility of traditional IP network management for professional PTT communications.