Sales Executive

As a Sales Executive at Tango Tango, you will be responsible for one thing: driving new revenue growth across the United States. To be successful in this role, you will need to have a strong technical aptitude and a natural ability to connect with Tango Tango’s target customer base, which primarily consists of police officers, firefighters, and emergency services personnel. Ultimately, your focus will be on hitting aggressive revenue targets by generating leads and closing deals while also serving as a strategic partner in determining and implementing the best strategies to grow Tango Tango nationally, and eventually, internationally.

What you’ll do:

  • Generate new revenue growth across the United States to meet sales quotas
  • Optimize sales processes and procedures to maximize pipeline conversion rates
  • Utilize a CRM system to track detailed data on all activities related to the lead generation and customer acquisition process
  • Collaborate with the Tango Tango team to refine and effectively implement the growth strategy
  • Enhance knowledge of the industry by pursuing professional development and networking opportunities

What you should already have:

  • Little (or a lot of) successful experience working in sales
  • Self-motivated desire to be the best as an individual and a team
  • Entrepreneurial mindset that drives you to formulate and implement creative solutions in response to unique challenges and obstacles
  • Innate ability to make friends with strangers in a genuine and compelling way
  • Natural comfort with and knack for using technology – specifically with online communication tools and CRM platforms