Corporate Security
with TangoTango

  • Keep your security team connected, regardless of location
  • Reduce radio cost while increasing connected users
  • Remove geographic and structural limitations from radio

Secure Group Communications

Harness the power of affordable smartphones and cellular networks


No radio system? No problem.
Radio has long been the best choice for instant, controlled group communications. Now realize the benefits of radio without the costs, using cellular infrastructure and devices with Tango Tango.


Already have a radio system? No problem.
Tango Tango extends your existing radio system, creating seamless talk groups that span smartphones and walkie-talkies. Experience smartphone convenience and almost limitless coverage.


GPS Tracking
Security managers can dynamically enable GPS tracking of all Tango Tango users and view their locations right on their smartphone or PC app.


Never Leave

Your Team

Our support center is run by former first responders who

understand the importance of communication.