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Here’s What You Should Know

1. Small Departments have difficulty maintaining and updating existing radio systems due to budget constraints.

2. Upgrades and maintenance costs force departments to reduce the number of devices available to first responders.

3. At $8 per month per user, 24/7/365 tech support, and secure cross-compatible integration with existing radio systems, Tango Tango offers an affordable solution. 

Rapid and effective communication is critical for first responders. 

Traditional radio systems present challenges for interagency communication. Due to interoperability constraints between different frequencies, limited range, and weak signals inside buildings, traditional radio systems present communication challenges for teams and cooperating agencies. Not to mention the high cost of replacements and upgrades as departments work within tight budget constraints. 

While large departments may have sufficient funding to cover expenses, smaller departments, particularly in municipalities on strict budgets, may find it difficult to secure the funding to maintain and update equipment. For small businesses such as security service providers, securing funding can be even more challenging.

As communications systems shift from analog to digital, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to modernize and enhance existing systems. However, the cost of replacing individual devices can be taxing – in the St. Louis Metro area, the emergency agencies recently negotiated the contract price of handheld walkie-talkies by more than 50 percent to $3,283 per device, with the Police Chiefs Association working quickly to secure funds to provide their departments with equipment. Rather than being owned altogether, the systems are leased to agencies instead.

The price of upgrades and maintenance can cost departments hundreds of thousands of dollars, forcing teams to scavenge parts from old equipment in order to repair devices no longer covered by warranty, foregoing features such as encryption, or even reducing the number of devices available to first responders.

Tango Tango provides an affordable solution. Our secure, push-to-talk smartphone app is cross-compatible with traditional communications systems, allowing your smartphone to become your radio. The difference? Its ability to overcome signal weakness and link outside users or agencies to any immediate emergency comms group, enabling unlimited communication at much a more affordable price per user.

“TangoTango has given me an affordable way to communicate across the spectrum of frequencies. It has also given me the capability to carry one device, my cell phone, and communicate over my radio system along with my surrounding neighbors on their radio system. All this at an affordable price. Not to mention the great service from TangoTango employees.”

Andys Hester
Sheriff | Turner County Sheriff’s Office GA

For Chief Kirk Grable, President and CEO of Lone Star Protective Services, Tango Tango provided the perfect solution for his security business with its combination of customizability, reliability, customer service, and affordability. Chief Grable cites its affordability as a major advantage: at $8 per month per user, he has 30-35 people online at any given time. In addition, customer support made setup easy, and our 24/7/365 tech support team has been invaluable for his team.

Tango Tango allows your department to securely achieve direct communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime at an affordable cost.

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