Communication must be consistent, solid, and reliable. For first responders, it is crucial to have constant communication capabilities with their respective dispatch centers.

The Galveston County Constables’ Office is one of many agencies that has benefitted from the implementation of Tango Tango’s services. “Before access to Tango Tango, our office was limited to radios and phone calls,” said Constable Justin West.  “The Tango Tango app has really made communications simple for us.” 

Not only has the service made communications and connections easier for the agency, it has also enhanced their reach, offering much greater safety for their constables. “We are able to access communications more readily without the need for a radio and we can guarantee some level of communications at all times,” said Constable West. 

Tango Tango’s app has also allowed the Galveston County Constable’s Office to be much more communicative with other agencies that may be involved in incidents that may overlap between law enforcement agencies. Constable West said recently he was able to communicate directly with another agency during a busy weekend in their area. “During the incident, I was able to direct their dispatch and responding units to a location where there was a serious public safety issue on their campus,” said West. “Without the Tango Tango app and interoperability, I would have been limited to phone calls and third party information relay.”

West said that his agency was able to utilize the Tango Tango service for a multi-agency response to a border community deployment.” All deployed officers and local officers are able to combat limited radio communications by utilizing the app when the LMR coverage is restricted due to terrain and interference,” said West.