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In Action

“This is such a great system. TangoTango allows you to turn your cell phone into a portable radio with very clear communication, from anywhere in the country. We installed TangoTango a couple of weeks ago, and it has already become one of the best resources to our department by far.”

Chad Fugitt, Asst. Chief, Cincinnati Fire Protection District, Illinois

“We looked at new communications technologies from Motorola, Harris, and TangoTango for our department. Choosing TangoTango was kind of a no brainer for us.”

Eric Blanchard, Chief, Aransas Pass Police Department, Texas

“One of our members was off duty in a grocery store when a woman fell and broke her hip. By using TangoTango he was able to contact EMS directly to call them in, and even guided them right to the aisle where she had fallen.” 

Todd Atherton, Deputy Chief, Greenville Township Volunteer Fire Department, Indiana

“We recently had a search and rescue of a woman. We had 7-8 personnel with their personal vehicles so they did not have traditional radios in them. With TangoTango, our personnel were able to stay in touch with each other and the radio system while locating the missing woman. TangoTango helped save her life as she was walking through hip deep snow and was on the verge of hypothermia. We were able to locate her much quicker and effectively with TangoTango.”

Wyatt Leesman, Asst. Chief, Blunt Rural Fire Department, South Dakota

“TangoTango enables multi-county radio monitoring. On a recent vehicle pursuit, involving three (3) separate Sheriff’s Offices and Georgia State Highway Patrol, we were able to monitor all their radio traffic with TangoTango and avoided the traditional radio hangups. This was a tremendous benefit which enabled us to capture the Culprit without any injury to any Law Enforcement or Citizen.”

Randy Lamberth, Tactical Team, Dooly County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

“TangoTango allows us to contact dispatch from inside schools where our radios can’t reach.”

Toby Garner, Sergeant, Gurdon Marshal Office, Arkansas