Superior group communications using integrated LMR and smartphones is here now, in an easy and affordable service.


Available now for Android, iOS, and Windows PC.



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Radio Integration

Connect to your radio system with our smartphone and PC apps.


Any Radio System
Tango Tango can be integrated with any type of radio system. P25, analog, MotoTRBO, Kenwood, Harris — we’ve seen and done it all.


We Handle Everything
Our radio integration service takes care of equipment purchase, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, and upgrading. We provide a complete turnkey service, for a low subscription price.


Amazing Benefits
Experience the numerous benefits of integrating with your radio system — improved communications coverage, smartphone convenience, inter-agency interoperability, and much more.



Professional group communications. Secure and private.


Simple to Use
Select a contact, multiple contacts, or a group (aka channel), and press the Push To Talk button. It’s that easy.


Loud and Clear. And Fast.
Experience amazing audio quality and low delay.


Communicate From Anywhere
Tango Tango efficiently uses cellular data, so you can communicate anywhere you have coverage.



Emergency Alerting

Prioritized text and voice alerts for emergency notifications.


A Simple and Effective Resource for Incidents
Users can initiate emergency notifications via Tango Tango group messaging and talk groups. These alerts are persistent until acknowledged, and will override any app or phone Do Not Disturb settings.


Easy Administration

Flexible options to manage your users, groups, and configuration profiles.


ConnectCare – Our Web-Based Admin Portal
Login to our secure, web-based admin portal ConnectCare. Here, you can add/delete/modify users and groups, see usage statistics, and review Cross-Connect configurations.


Let Us Be Your Service Admin
We also allow you to use our support team to make your normal administrative changes. You’re free to use ConnectCare, Tango Tango support, or both!


Cross-Connect Interoperability

Communicating with neighboring agencies is now affordable.


Share Contact and Channels
Tango Tango customers can share contacts, talk groups, and radio integrated channels, to enable inter-agency interoperability now, for no additional cost.


Controlled and Verified
We make it easy to connect you with other organizations, but use a rigorous process to manage and validate connection requests.


We’re veterans of public safety and radio communications, so we can help you design a custom interoperability plan for connecting with your neighbors.


GPS Location Services

Configurable location tracking with integrated mapping.


Track Teammates in Real-Time
Every Tango Tango user can be tracked and can view other users on our apps’ integrated maps.


Fully Configurable Options
You decide who gets tracked, who doesn’t and who can see other users’ locations.


Optional Historical Tracking
Tango Tango can provide historical bread-crumb tracking over the last 30 days, for a small per-user additional subscription charge.



Secure, cloud-based recording with no equipment required.


Archive Radio-Integrated or App-Only Talk Groups
Tango Tango recording provides an easy way to record radio traffic and/or app-only groups.


Recording Management and Retrieval
Access recorded audio via the Tango Tango web-based portal, ConnectCare.


Group Messaging

Send texts and images to contacts or groups.


Fast, Easy Communication with Pre-Defined Teams
Send texts and images to pre-existing contacts and groups, eliminating the need to create and manage recipient lists.


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Tango Tango Feature Details

Push To Talk

  • Private, Encrypted Voice:
    • AES-256 bit Symmetric Key Encryption
    • ECDH 384 bit Key Exchange
    • ECDSA Asymmetric Encryption
    • SHA-384 Hashing
  • Configurable user and talk group priorities
  • Presence indicators for users and groups
  • Priority calling and in-call pre-emption
  • Simple user and group management
  • Late join supported for in-progress group calls
  • Instant ad hoc group calling
  • User configurable talk groups
  • Easy to use user contact and group selection
  • Windows PC based dispatch client
  • Android and iOS mobile clients
  • Integrates with Bluetooth devices
  • Seamless radio integration
  • Clear 64 kbps voice encoding for radio traffic

GPS and Mapping

  • View users on in-app map
  • Call all user in zoom-able map view
  • View all users in a group on map
  • View all contacts on map
  • Identify current talker in map

Emergency Alerting

  • Notify all configured users
  • Persistent on-screen alert message
  • Support for device emergency button and LEDs
  • Emergency alert groups configurable per-user
  • Preempt calls in progress and Do Not Disturb settings


  • Record any Tango Tango talk group
  • Record radio-integrated group
  • No hardware needed – entirely cloud based
  • Audio archive available via ConnectCare and mobile app


  • Send encrypted text and images
  • Send to users or groups
  • View received and opened status of sent messages
  • Message activity logging available


  • Encrypted, web-based admin tool: ConnectCare
  • Add/modify/remove users
  • Add/modify/remove groups
  • Modify group membership
  • View usage statistics
  • View user GPS locations on map
  • Traffic and weather overlays for user map


  • Secure, cloud-based servers
  • No compute hardware required by customer
  • Customized radio integration installation available