Fight Fire
with TangoTango


  • Connect any smartphone to any radio channel
  • Reduce radio cost for volunteer and light-duty users
  • Reach beyond traditional radio range limitations
  • Interoperate with other organizations
  • Never Leave Your Team

Never Miss a Call

Said once. Heard everywhere.

Firefighting Features

Audio Playback

  • Connect any smart phone to any radio channel
  • Automatically record every incoming call
  • Enable playback functionality for everyone
  • No additional equipment required

First Response Tones

Tango Tango First Response Tones (FRT) integrate with your existing radio and tone-based alert paging system, enabling you to receive tone-out notifications on your smartphone when your station is paged out. FRT will play the tones and dispatcher call audio over your smartphone and send a text message to the Tango Tango app, with audible alert tones.

Enabling complete cooperation during emergency response.


TangoTango enables interoperability between organizations, ensuring communications with everyone on the scene in the event of an emergency.


TangoTango =
Limitless Communications

TangoTango for Firefighters

Chief Ricky Phillips,
Arab Fire Department, Alabama

“Our guys do a lot of house calls.  If they get in there and need to call for a helicopter or an ambulance, they’ve always got their cellphones on them. With TangoTango on their phones, they are always able to radio for help.

Not responsible for enhancing department communications but know someone who is?

Let them know about TangoTango:

Firefighting Features


Filter dispatch traffic by station tone-outs


Seamless extension of your existing radio setup


Record and archive any channel’s audio


Share contact with other organizations.


Track team members’ locations on built-in map.


Send text and images to talk groups or individuals.


Take full control of your TangoTango services.


Secure, private push-to-talk communications for workgroups.


Send emergency alerts to team members.


Add listen-only talk-group members.

Never Leave Your Team

With Tango Tango, your firefighters are always in radio range. Whether traveling or simply not carrying a radio, Tango Tango keeps them connected with dispatch and other radio users.

Improve Coverage

Tango Tango links seamlessly with your radio system, so you can communicate anywhere you have cellular or WiFi coverage.

Reduce Radio Costs

Reduce the number of radios needed, by using the radio-connected TangoTango app for off-duty or light-duty radio users.

Connect with Neighboring Agencies

Tango Tango provides smartphone and radio communication with nearby TangoTango users, providing interoperability that was previously impossible.