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Tango Tango is Public Safety’s best communications solution for your FirstNet service.

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Radio integrated PTT, with GPS, messaging, emergency call, and more


The Power of FirstNet and Tango Tango Working Together
FirstNet is the nationwide network built for public safety. Tango Tango is trusted by thousands of public safety professionals and works seamlessly with FirstNet.


Stay Connected, Even Without Your Radio
With Tango Tango, your agency is always in radio range. Whether traveling or simply not carrying a radio, Tango Tango keeps you connected with dispatch and other radio users.


Improve Coverage
Tango Tango links seamlessly with your radio system, so you can communicate anywhere you have FirstNet or WiFi coverage.


Reduce Radio Costs
Reduce the number of radios needed, by using the radio-connected Tango Tango app for off-duty or light-duty radio users.


Connect with Neighboring Agencies
Tango Tango can activate smartphone and radio communication with other Tango Tango customers, providing interoperability that was previously impossible.


FirstNet Benefits


Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS)

Your data is prioritized, resulting in faster and more reliable performance for the Tango Tango app.


Cellular Wireless Priority

Your device’s cellular wireless channel is prioritized, ensuring availability even during times of heavy congestion.



Non-critical network users will be migrated to other resources, in times of extreme congestion.



Tango Tango Features


Group push-to-talk

Secure, private push-to-talk communications for work groups.

Two-way radio integration

Connect your radio channels to your smartphone.

GPS location services

Track team members’ locations on built in map.

Optional call recording

Playback any missed call from your device.

Group text and media messaging

Send text and images to talk groups or individuals.

Emergency alerting

Send persistent emergency alerts to team members.

About FirstNet

FirstNet is the first-ever nationwide communications ecosystem dedicated to public safety. In partnership with the First Responder Network Authority, it brings a much-needed technology upgrade to first responders. FirstNet helps law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical service crews stay connected and obtain and share the information they need to help keep themselves and their communities safe and secure. It gives our first responders an “always-on” connection so they can communicate and share information– regardless of crowd size or network traffic.

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