PTT Bridges the
Communications Gap

PTT Bridges the
Communications Gap

“Had it not been for Tango Tango as our incident commander for Guardian, I don’t know how we would have been able to communicate with our resources. The Tango Tango system worked flawlessly for us.”

Sam Scheller
CEO | Guardian Elite Medical Services

PTT Radio

Designed for Healthcare

Billions are spent each year on legacy PTT hardware and maintenance, but healthcare professionals remain locked to a single piece of hardware, on a single network, and often end up isolated from one another at the times when they most need to communicate. This leads to slower, less coordinated responses in time-critical situations – sometimes even resulting in the loss of life. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tango Tango makes sure that PTT conforms to what healthcare professionals need in critical moments and not the other way around, enabling them to focus on what is truly important: the patient in front of them.

Trey SharpTrey Sharp

Co-Founder & CEO

Communicate in real-time with medical & support staff at a push of a button

Replay push-to-talk calls at any time to confirm the critical details

Create a direct line to EMS & public safety orgs within seconds in an emergency

Send emergency alerts to medical & support staff without wasting any time

Locate staff in critical emergencies faster than ever before with robust GPS tracking capabilities in the palm of your hand

Citizen's Hospital

“Tango Tango makes sense for our agency as it affordably fills the communication gap we have as a rural EMS service. Our ambulances routinely travel far outside radio communication…Not only are communication networks expensive and short-ranged, but we are also at the mercy of other agencies when upgrades or repairs are necessary…put Tango Tango in the ambulance, and bam, our problems are solved.”

Theron Becker
Pre-Hospital Clinical Chief | Citizens Memorial Hospital

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