Internet of Radio

  • Stay connected to your team from almost any
    location in the world.
  • Cellular PTT, integrated with your radio system.
  • Any Radio. Any Network. Any Smartphone.

Internet of Radio

Tango Tango has been securely connecting radio systems to the Internet since 2016. While we began our mission dedicated to serving first responders, we have recently added schools, utility companies, security companies, and various businesses in the logistics industry. Although we remain focused on serving first responders, we understand that if our software and service is beneficial for them, it’s also advantageous for anyone wanting to bring their two-way radio systems online.


After installing and maintaining over 400 radio system integrations across the country, we came to the realization that we are effectively building the Internet of Radio (IoR). We have since trademarked IoR and added it to our logo. As more and more radio systems come online and interoperate with one another, that interoperability will need to be managed, between LMR/LTE (handheld radios and smartphones), as well as between other LMR systems connected to the Internet. Tango Tango’s proprietary software for interoperability management is already doing that job.


Chilton County, Alabama, for example, has a digital and analog radio system connected via our integration. We manage the interoperability of sharing those radio system channels between PTT (push-to-talk) users. We also manage the interoperability between FirstNet ePTT and Tango Tango PTT users, giving Chilton County police and firefighters full communication visibility across all mediums: handheld radios, 911 operators, stationary radios, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. This extends to communications between multiple jurisdictions.


What is the Internet of Radio?

The Internet of Radio is the network of linked radio systems connected to the Internet and potentially interoperating with one another.


Imagine for a moment that every radio system operating in the Port of New York was securely connected to the Internet. That would be thousands of radio systems. Every ship coming into dock, every forklift operator unloading each ship, every truck leaving the shipyard is operated by someone using a radio. If there was a massive fire in a shipyard and police and firefighters from multiple agencies responded, there would be tremendous value in radio users being able to talk to one another, regardless of what frequency their radio was on or what cellular service they use. With Tango Tango, they can do exactly that via the Internet of Radio.


For the Internet of Radio to work, the management system must be device, carrier, and even app agnostic. While we believe we have the best PTT solution, we will never require an agency or a company to use our PTT app; we can connect any PTT app to any device on any network, just like we do in Chilton County. The ability to connect any PTT system to the IoR increases its utility and value, just as our ability to connect any radio system does.


The spread of IoR from its initial focus on serving first responders will greatly enhance communications and effectiveness for schools, corporations, utilities, and all types of logistical connections across multiple devices. Communication enhancement for a variety of users is our ultimate goal.