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  • Cellular PTT, integrated with your radio system
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Our Mission is to be the best voice communication service for first responders and businesses nationwide, ensuring safety and efficiency through the use of innovative technology.

Voice Communications Services for Critical Workers

Advances in communication technologies have impacted all our lives in profound ways. Unfortunately, these advances have been slow in coming to many who need them most. Policemen, firemen, EMS, public safety administrators, and commercial organizations have all relied on LMR (i.e. two-way radio) technology for decades. While these vital workers may enjoy the benefits of smartphones, broadband internet, and cloud data services at home, most have settled for far less at work.  Tango Tango is helping to change this, bringing modern communications technology to those who need it most.


Tango Tango provides professional group communication services on mobile and desktop devices, with optional integration to existing two-way radio networks. For a fraction of the cost of traditional radio systems, Tango Tango can enhance your communications with encrypted push-to-talk voice, GPS location services, emergency alerting, and text/multimedia messaging, using virtually any iOS, Android, or Windows device, over any wireless provider or WiFi network.


Our seamless radio integration service enables you to connect your radio system to your phones — you can talk on the radio with your phone, and talk on the phone with your radio. Powered by secure, cloud-based infrastructure, our services require no administrative overhead or equipment purchase.


The growing network of Tango Tango users is providing unprecedented inter-agency communication interoperability, connecting neighboring organizations to provide secure and timely communication across previously rigid boundaries.