Never Leave Your Team.

“Tango Tango has allowed our Fire Department to connect our firefighters, officers, and auxiliary groups in a way not imagined before. With the integration of radio interoperability and smart push to talk over our cellular devices, we are no longer limited by our radio systems coverage area. Our teams are now better connected and more productive.”

McCutchanville Fire Department

Did you know?

You can overcome the distance, coverage, and connection limitations of your traditional radio system with Tango Tango.

Curious about how it works? Tango Tango connects a donor radio to a device that securely connects your radio traffic to the cloud via 4G cellular data. Once in the cloud, we route the push-to-talk traffic to the people approved to hear it.

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Extend Range

Never miss another call from being out of radio range. Receive and respond to your radio traffic everywhere you have a cellular or WiFi connection.

Enhance Coverage

Ensure another call never gets dropped due to radio dead zones by turning your smartphone into a radio.

Expand Your Network

Communicate critical information in real-time with external organizations regardless of radio frequency or cellular provider.


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Tango Tango is built for teams and requires an admin invite. Provide us with a few details about you and your team, and we’ll be in touch to get you talking in no time.


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Tango Tango is a push-to-talk radio solution for teams. Connect instantly with the most flexible push-to-talk communications tool built for public safety agencies, frontline teams, healthcare systems, educational institutions, and more. Enhancing communications for your team has never been easier.