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Law enforcement agencies use Tango Tango to affordably improve team communications.

Tango Tango for Law Enforcement

Radio integrated PTT, with GPS, messaging, emergency call, and more


Stay in Touch with Admin and Command Staff
With Tango Tango, your command staff is always in radio range. Whether traveling or simply not carrying a radio, Tango Tango keeps them connected with dispatch and other radio users.


Connect with Neighboring Agencies
Tango Tango CrossConnect provides smartphone and radio communication with nearby Tango Tango users, providing interoperability that was previously impossible.


Improve Coverage
Tango Tango links seamlessly with your radio system, so you can communicate anywhere you have cellular or WiFi coverage.


Reduce Radio Costs
Reduce the number of radios needed, by using the radio-connected Tango Tango app for off-duty or light-duty radio users.


Tango Tango has been a great benefit to us in being able to link and monitor other county radio traffic due to difference in radio systems.  Actual case, a vehicle pursuit took place Wednesday involving Turner County Sheriff’s Office, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol and Dooly County Sheriff’s Office.  We were able to monitor all their radio traffic without being relayed from one dispatch to another.  We had the radio traffic first hand.  This was a tremendous benefit.  And yes the Culprit was captured without injury to any L.E. or Citizen.
Randy Lamberth

Inv/TAC, Dooly County GA Sheriff’s Office

Stay In Touch.

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