School Safety
with TangoTango

  • Connect any smartphone to any radio channel
  • Eliminate radio dead zones caused by walls or poor coverage
  • Connect school administration directly with first responders
  • Communicate across any carrier to any radio
  • Never Leave Your Team

Uncompromised Connectivity

Always on emergency contact

Mobile Device and Radio Integration

What’s Possible

  • Tango Tango works with your staff’s mobile devices
  • Reach beyond traditional radio range limitations

  • Connect School staff with first responders

  • Control your team’s access to all communications

Tango Tango =
Critical Communication

Tango Tango enables school staff, SROs and first responders to communicate critical information for fast and effective resolution during emergencies. 

Without Tango Tango =
Compromised Communication


Without Tango Tango school staff and security have no clear line of communication between each other or first responders. 

Enabling seamless communications inside and outside schools.


With Tango Tango, schools and first responders can communicate with each other using own devices in the event of an emergency. 

TangoTango =
Communication Without Walls

“Tango Tango allows us to contact dispatch from inside schools where radios can’t reach.”

Sergeant Garner, Gurdon Police Department, Arkansas 


Not responsible for enhancing department communications but know someone who is?

Let them know about TangoTango:

School Safety Features


Seamless extension of your existing radio setup.


Secure, private push-to-talk communications for work groups.


Share contacts and radio channels.


Listen to missed calls for up to 24 hours.


Track team members’ locations on built-in map.


Send text and images to talk groups or individuals.


Take full control of your TangoTango services.


Send emergency alerts to team members.


Add listen-only talk-group members.

Stay in Touch with Admin and Command Staff

With TangoTango, your command staff is always in radio range. Whether traveling or simply not carrying a radio, TangoTango keeps them connected with dispatch and other radio users.

Connect with Neighboring Agencies

TangoTango CrossConnect provides smartphone and radio communication with nearby TangoTango users, providing interoperability that was previously impossible.

Improve Coverage

TangoTango links seamlessly with your radio system, so you can communicate anywhere you have cellular or WiFi coverage.

Reduce Radio Costs

Reduce the number of radios needed, by using the radio-connected TangoTango app for off-duty or light-duty radio users.