We connect school personnel with first responders


  • Connect any smartphone to any radio channel
  • Reach beyond traditional radio range limitations
  • Interoperate with other organizations
  • Remove distance limitations from your radio system


Always-on emergency contact.

Cellphone and Radio Integration

What’s possible:

  • TangoTango works with your staff’s smart devices

  • Reach emergency support with no additional equipment

  • Directly connect school staff with first responders

  • The most economical and capable solution in the market

TangoTango =
Critical Communication

TangoTango enables school staff, SROs and first responders to communicate critical information for the fast and effective resolution of emergency situations.


Without TangoTango =
Compromised Communication

Without TangoTango School Staff and Security has no clear line of communication between each other or first responders.


TangoTango =
Limitless Communications

Enabling complete cooperation during emergency response.

In the event of an active shooter, school communicators and staff can connect with first responders (local, state, or federal) at once, enabling the quickest resolution of dangerous situations.

Enabling seamless critical communications inside and outside schools.


With TangoTango, schools and first responders can communicate with each other using their own devices in the event of an emergency.


TangoTango =
Communication Without Walls

TangoTango for School Safety

TangoTango allows us to contact dispatch from inside schools where our radios can’t reach.

Sergeant Toby Garner,
Gurdon Marshal Office, Arkansas

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School Safety Features


Seamless extension of your existing radio setup.


Secure, private push-to-talk communications for work groups.


Share contacts and radio channels.


Listen to missed calls for up to 24 hours.


Track team members’ locations on built-in map.


Send text and images to talk groups or individuals.


Take full control of your TangoTango services.


Send emergency alerts to team members.


Add listen-only talk-group members.

Talk instantly and directly with law enforcement

TangoTango provides schools with an emergency panic button on any smartphone. Push the button to alert both school and law enforcement personnel, and begin speaking to them all immediately.

Link seamlessly with school radio systems

Our smartphone app allows seamless push-to-talk communication between all TangoTango app users and existing school radio systems. School admins can stay connected from anywhere. You are never out of radio range.

Flexible Talk Groups

Create an endless variety of talk groups: all district principals, maintenance teams, teachers, etc. No expensive radio trunking or radio coverage limitations.


Administrators can dynamically enable GPS tracking of all Tango Tango users and view their locations right on their smartphone or PC app.