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Tango Tango is providing innovative school security solutions for everyday and for the day the unthinkable happens. See how we enable group communications in the school, across the district, and directly with law enforcement.

Tango Tango for Safer Schools

Empower administrators and staff with instant group communications


Talk instantly and directly with law enforcement
Tango Tango provides schools with an emergency panic button on any smartphone. Push the button to alert both school and law enforcement personnel, and begin speaking to them all immediately.


Link seamlessly with school radio systems
Our smartphone app allows seamless push-to-talk communication between all Tango Tango app users and existing school radio systems. School admins can stay connected from anywhere. You are never out of radio range.


Flexible Talk Groups
Create an endless variety of talk groups: all district principals, maintenance teams, teachers, etc. No expensive radio trunking or radio coverage limitations.


GPS Tracking
Administrators can dynamically enable GPS tracking of all Tango Tango users and view their locations right on their smartphone or PC app.


Stay In Touch.

We’ll keep you updated (not too often) on Tango Tango, as we continue to transform team communications.