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  • Tango Tango Helps Officers Apprehend an Armed Student

    On November 2, 2021, teachers at Aransas Pass High School were notified of a student armed with a gun on campus. When asked to submit to a thorough search, the student ran. The school locked down, and because the student could not be located, the entire school district went into a Secure (lock-out).  Staff and […]Read More

  • Expanding Emergency Communication For Galveston County Constable’s Office

    Communication must be consistent, solid, and reliable. For first responders, it is crucial to have constant communication capabilities with their respective dispatch centers. The Galveston County Constables’ Office is one of many agencies that has benefitted from the implementation of Tango Tango’s services. “Before access to Tango Tango, our office was limited to radios and […]Read More

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    Tango Tango Bridges The Gap From Analog To Digital For 911 Center

      The county of Chilton, Alabama relies on one place for all of their first responder dispatch needs. Chilton County 9-1-1 began in 1991 with a handful of dispatchers. It has grown over time and now has 12, full-time employees, 7 part-time employees, and dispatches calls for 4 municipalities, the local Sheriff’s Department, and 15 […]Read More

  • Tango Tango’s service solves rural emergency communication problems

    Sheriff Shane Booth was instrumental in implementing Tango Tango’s services for his agency. “I initially heard about Tango Tango from a neighboring sheriff,” said Booth. “As he was explaining it to me, he picked up his cellphone and radioed his dispatch from the south side of my county.” The demonstration of how the application works immediately interested Booth. From that point, the Sheriff contacted representatives from Tango Tango. “I was impressed by their professionalism and willingness to work with me on what I had in mind.”Read More

  • Philip Kovacs and His Journey Transforming the Radio Industry

    Our CEO, Philip Kovacs, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast. Philip discusses his journey into the radio industry and how Tango Tango is transforming radio communications nationwide. Read More

  • The Benefits of Tango Tango’s Service in the Air and on the Ground

    PHI Air Medical has bases all over the country including some very rural locations. They have locations in Phoenix, Lexington, Indianapolis, and Falls Church, Virginia. PHI Air Medical provides flight services to a variety of situations including scenes and patient transports. While they mostly use helicopters they also have fixed-wing aircrafts and ground transportation in their fleet. Wayne Cummings, Communications Systems Manager of PHI Air Medical says they recently implementing Tango Tango’s services as a way to fill in the gaps where their communication was lacking.Read More

  • How Tango Tango solved communication issues for the Boston Marathon and beyond

    Ineffective communication can mean risking a life, because every second counts. With Tango Tango, first responders can get the job done quickly, maintaining safety.Tango Tango is an application service that allows first responders to rely on one channel of communication. This increases public safety for the communities as well as the responders. All of those […]Read More

  • Alabama Chief enhances county radio

    As of today, with a few mouse clicks I can patch every responder in our county together and have crystal clear communications across multiple platforms. This is a perfect example of technology enhancing public safety.

    Dan Wright, President
    Alabama NENARead More

  • Join us we innovate communications for public safety

    At Tango Tango, the real-life heroes we serve inform the work that we do, and we like to consider ourselves similar to those First Responders. First Responders show up on the scene, assess the situation, apply direct pressure, and take care of business (i.e., get things done no matter what is required). In short, we’re […]Read More