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“What brings us together with the TangoTango app is being able to talk to the surrounding agencies that we work with and be on a common frequency.”

Ed Ralston, Chief, Arab Police Department, Alabama

“With TangoTango on their phones, they are always able to radio for help.”

Ricky Phillips, Chief, Arab Fire Department, Alabama

“Due to Hurricane Michael, the state repeater was down, rendering our radios useless. [But] we were able to utilize Tango Tango to conduct our emergency communications via cellular phones.”

Mark Pergola, Captain, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

“We had limited coverage with our radio until we started using TangoTango.”

Mason Bynum, Chief Deputy, Dale County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama

“We looked at new communications technologies from Motorola, Harris, and TangoTango for our department. Choosing TangoTango was kind of a no brainer for us.”

Eric Blanchard, Chief, Aransas Pass Police Department, Texas

TangoTango helped save her life….We were able to locate her much quicker and effectively with TangoTango.

Wyatt Leesman, Asst. Chief, Blunt Rural Fire Department, South Dakota

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“The very first day of the TangoTango trial period made a difference. Our county suffered a historic flood in early March and a few criminals took advantage of some empty campers and stole them. Investigators working the case recovered several of them in neighboring Alabama and Georgia counties. We also made several arrests for the thefts. Our investigators were able to communicate with each other and our dispatch while in other counties making their job safer and more successful.”

Josh Summerford, Chief Deputy, Cherokee Sheriff’s Office, Alabama

“Such a great system. It allows you to turn your cell phone into a portable radio with very clear communication. From anywhere in the country. We have had this system in place for a couple of weeks now and it has been one of the best resources to our department by far.”

Chad Fugitt, Asst. Chief, Cincinnati Fire Protection District, Illinois

“We had seen a mention of TangoTango on the internet and reached out to find more. Their fast, personalized service from the initial contact through installation and becoming a subscriber agency has been superb. We were at a special event and an attendee passed out. Did not have a radio but opened TangoTango app on my phone, requested a med unit through our dispatch center, heard the unit responding and communicated our exact location to them. In a world where we rarely go anywhere without our phones [and] often do not have a radio, TangoTango [provides] the capability of radio when you just have your phone. TangoTango leverages the abilities of a smartphone plus their app to make us interoperable at a fraction of the cost and on the fly. In an ever-changing world, communication is key and the ability to listen and communicate directly at any time is important. We have TangoTango on all of our Chief Officers phones offering us another way to stay informed, communicate and offer enhancements to our interoperability with others.”

John Cohn, Chief, Greenfield Fire-Rescue, Wisconsin

“We recently had a search and rescue of a woman who was lost and had walked about a mile away from her car. We had 7-8 personnel with their personal vehicles so they did not have mobile radios in them. With TangoTango, our personnel were able to stay in touch with each other and the radio system while locating the missing woman. TangoTango helped save her life as she was walking through hip-deep snow and was on the verge of hypothermia. We were able to locate her much quicker and effectively with the TangoTango.”

Wyatt Leesman, Asst. Chief, Blunt Rural Fire Department, South Dakota

“TangoTango Interoperability is a must in rural Georgia. With numerous counties located nearby, many cases will cross jurisdictional boundaries. We all have different radio systems making it difficult to communicate effectively and efficiently. We have partnered with our neighbors to the north and south, Dooly and Turner counties. We all three have TangoTango which has greatly improved response and officer safety to our perspective jurisdictions. I-75 runs through all three counties making it a must. We can communicate in a minute notice.”

Billy Hancock, Sheriff, Crisp County Sheriff’s Department, Georgia

“TangoTango is an amazing asset. Imagine PTT on your smartphone with the ability to tie your radio system into the talk groups that you wish.”

Kevin Turley, Captain, Dale EMS Rescue Squad, Alabama

“TangoTango keeps our rescue team in constant contact with one another. The convenience of not having to carry a radio everywhere we go is outstanding. No matter where I go across the state my team is always just a push to talk away.”

Matt Locklear, Chief, Pembroke Rescue Squad, North Carolina

“When an investigator of ours told me about TangoTango, we requested a demo and were quickly blown away by TangoTango’s usability and the way it eliminates the communication problems for our team. We’ve found radios to be outdated and competing products to be clunky and difficult to navigate, but Berrien County Sheriff’s Office has had the best experience with the Tango Tango app and service. I hope others around us will invest in this great tool as well. One of my favorite benefits of TangoTango is that it keeps our officers from having to carry another device around. In an emergency, the more radios, pagers and other items we have on us, the more we’re slowed down. However, regardless of where we are or what we are doing, we all have our cell phones on us 24/7, so it makes sense for our mobile devices to connect with each other in emergency situations, too. TangoTango allows us to do that, and we’ve already seen its impact.”

Arel Valdez, Major, Berrien County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

“Being in charge of patrol, I can listen to my guys from anywhere. I was 300 miles away in Tennessee and was able to listen and transmit over my radio system in Alabama.”

Jason Wiggins, Lieutenant, Irondale Police Department, Alabama

“One of our members was off duty in a grocery store when a woman fell and broke her hip. By using TangoTango he was able to contact EMS directly to call them in and even guided them right to the aisle where she had fallen.”

Todd Atherton, Deputy Chief, Greenville Township Volunteer Fire Department, Indiana

“We are looking forward to TangoTango to fill in the void in our communications where our traditional radio system is failing us.”

Ron Hoffman, Chief, Linn Fire Protection District, Missouri


“Our department recently started using TangoTango. As a small department, funds are not as high as anyone would like them to be but by using this app on our phones it will help cut down on having to purchase batteries for WTs as often and with cell service always updating it helps with the communication side anywhere in the nation. As chief, being in town isn’t always an option with classes and meetings to attend but with TangoTango I’m able to communicate with our officers one on one or with dispatch as a whole. Highly recommended and reasonably affordable.”

Scotty Howerton, Chief, Slocomb Police Department, Alabama

“The primary reason we got the service is to help with radio coverage for our SRO’s at the schools. The coverage in the school buildings can be spotty at times so TangoTango is the perfect solution to our problem. We will also be utilizing it for our administrative officers and detectives who don’t always have a radio with them. So TangoTango will definitely fill a void and help the Trussville Police Department serve the community better.”

Eric Rush, Chief, Trussville Police Department, Alabama

“Our rescue squad uses TangoTango to provide a means for all squad members to receive and respond to calls for service on our UHF system via the TangoTango app. Our primary crew still carries a traditional radio; however, this program has saved us thousands in radio costs.”

Toby Gamer, Sergeant, Gurdon Marshal Office, Arkansas

Our jurisdiction encompasses a largely rural area, with many peaks and valleys, creating ‘dead spots’ which can become a serious hazard for emergency crews. TangoTango has solved that problem for us. Having a dedicated radio where reception is strong and accessible via my cell phone means much less worry. Redundant measures, especially when considering communications, can save lives and because of this we chose TangoTango.

George Dobson, Asst. Chief, Coolbaugh Township Volunteer Fire Company, Pennsylvania

The main thing we use TangoTango for is for the administration to stay in contact with dispatch. I’m bad about jumping out of a car and not grabbing my radio, but now I always have a radio on my phone.

Allen Medley, Director, Daleville Public Safety, Alabama

43 years of law enforcement and TangoTango is by far the best communications system that I’ve ever had! As a supervisor, you can keep up with your radio traffic, officers, and what is going on. It doesn’t matter where you’re at; it works nationwide as long as you have cell service or wifi. I used this in Gulf Shores when we had a pursuit. I used the TangoTango app to call the pursuit over my radio system from over 400 miles away. The added capability of having off radio private groups has been beneficial for staying in contact with office personnel.

Terry Holden, Chief, Rogersville Police Department, Alabama

TangoTango has allowed our Fire Department to connect our firefighters, officers and auxiliary group in a way not imagined before. With the integration of Radio Interoperability and smart push to talk over our cellular devices, we are no longer limited by our radio system’s coverage area. Our teams are now better connected and more productive as we respond to address and provide Fire and Emergency Medical Service to those that live, work and travel throughout our community daily.

Nick Adams, Chief, McCutchanville Fire Department, Indiana

TangoTango is there when your radio can’t be. I enjoy that I do not have to carry a radio everywhere in order to stay connected with my department. In today’s world of minimalism and staying connected, TangoTango provides the opportunity for me to do so. It’s simple, user-friendly, and reliable. Once you try it, you will have to have it as part of your everyday life.

Josh McDaniel, Chief, Irondale Fire Department, Alabama

“I can use TangoTango with our existing cell phones and reduce the number of expensive 800Mhz radios that we need to purchase which saves our department thousands of dollars.”

Matt Manshack, Chief, Orange County ESD3, Texas

“Marion County is mountainous and radio communication is inconsistent. We also have members that live outside our primary service area and do not have the ability to communicate by radio. TangoTango has been the perfect tool to resolve our communication issues. The ability to have additional fireground frequencies is a bonus that expands our capabilities.”

Lowell Hardin, Chief, Jasper Highlands Fire Department, Tennessee

“This letter is to express my gratitude to you and your company for being so patient while implementing the TangoTango program. Everyone I have spoken to on the phone and met in person has displayed nothing but total professionalism. There are many areas throughout the county where our car radios have difficulty receiving and sending out to our base. TangoTango has allowed us to enhance that communication for our agency. On behalf of The Barbour County Sheriff Office and The Eufaula Police Department, we would like to send our sincere thanks.”

Tyrone Smith, Sheriff, Barbour County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama

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TangoTango has given me an affordable way to communicate across the spectrum of frequencies. It has also given me the capability to carry one device, my cell phone, and communicate over my radio system along with my surrounding neighbors on their radio system. All this at an affordable price. Not to mention the great service from TangoTango employees.

Andy Hester, Sheriff, Turner County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

The reason why we choose to get TangoTango was for officer safety. We as a department don’t have a repeater in town and back up is miles away. We weren’t able to communicate with dispatch away from our vehicles. Now TangoTango is the best tool my officers have for officer safety.

Roy Vallejo, Chief, Encincal Police Department, Texas

“TangoTango solved one main problem we had in communication with our SRO Officer while in the school. Reaching him by walkie talkie was out of the question until now. I also have an investigator that lives in the lower part of the county that uses TangoTango instead of his walkie talkie with superior clarity. He used it from North Carolina and it sounded like he was next to the station when we talked. I would recommend TangoTango for any department with communication problems. All you have to have is cell phone service or WiFi. We had a service with another carrier that did not work too well for us which we discontinued and replaced with TangoTango.”

David Barbour, Chief, Dadeville Police Department, Alabama

TangoTango allows our officers to respond to our mutual aid partners without losing contact with the communications division or supervisors, ensuring that we maintain contact and have immediate knowledge of the situation. We considered other communication technologies but TangoTango fits our resource and budget restraints perfectly. We are pleased with this common-sense approach to officer safety.

Steve Watkins, Chief, Eufaula Police Department, Alabama

Incorporating LTE connectivity into our radio network has allowed us to provide all of our members radio access at any time so that they can monitor events and respond accordingly if needed. It will also be a major asset to our personnel that travel out of state to assist with major events, as we can send them with a mobile setup to connect to other agency’s radio networks. TangoTango has also promised they would provide as many free licenses as necessary during major events so that we can ensure interoperability among all agencies is intact.

Blake Hunter, Chief, Marrero Fire Department, Louisiana

“TangoTango is a valuable asset to the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office. It enables us to communicate with surrounding agencies in Alabama and Florida that have different radio systems than our agency. We border the Alabama line and often have to work alongside agencies there, and TangoTango allows us to communicate with them where we could not before.”

John Tate, Sheriff, Holmes County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

“Ashford is a small city department, which is part of a 17 department association. TangoTango provides us a means to communicate seamlessly across various frequencies while receiving or providing mutual aid. TangoTango allows officers to remain connected when out of radio range, and gather information for potential future training needs.”

Phillip Moman, Captain, Ashford Fire Department, Alabama

“During a recent trip, I was able to use TangoTango to stay in touch with crews over 900 miles away. Dooly EMS is a small EMS service covering a large square mile county in Georgia. We had recently purchased TangoTango in order to have better communication with our 911 center. I was in San Antonio, TX, and I had turned on TangoTango that morning to just see how effective it was. During the course of the day, one of the EMS units was dispatched to a child with a fever, in the course of this call I heard one of the personnel call, needing law enforcement due to shots being heard in the direct area where they where. With TangoTango, I was able to contact the crew and make sure they were able to move to a safe location so that they and the patient would not get injured. Without this service, I would not have had any knowledge of these events in a timely manner. The TangoTango app is perfect for small service directors that need to keep up with what is going on within your service.”

Don Williford, Director, Dooly County EMS, Georgia

Leighton is one of the most rural areas in Colbert County, and because of that we regularly have issues with our radios losing signal inside of buildings and on the outskirts of town. We began a trial period with TangoTango after hearing about it from our Sherriff’s Department, and it didn’t take long for us to decide it is the best communications tool for our station. Now we can communicate from anywhere, which helps us stay informed, act faster, and keep our officers safe. I’d recommend it to anyone in emergency response.

Brandon Hood, Chief, Leighton Police Department, Alabama

“TangoTango has expanded the capabilities of our traditional communications system. As the chief, features like the emergency button and GPS location give me peace of mind when I need to assist or locate an officer in need. I have [been able to use] TangoTango hundreds of miles beyond the limits of our normal radios. It’s a reliable tool that I’m glad my team now has.”

Regan Tilson, Chief, Erwin Police Department, Tennessee

“Just wanted to pass a note along in reference to an incident we were involved in where having TangoTango tremendously helped us. The Sheriff’s Office responded to the Ocmulgee River in reference to a missing boater. The search and rescue efforts were carried out for five days and during this time TangoTango allowed deputies to maintain contact with other deputies as well as our communications center. This occurred in areas that are often troubled when it comes to radio communications and reminded the Sheriff and I even more of how glad we were with going ahead with the purchase of your product. Thank you for being an innovator and providing law enforcement with a product that is much needed.”

Daniel Cape, Chief Deputy, Bleckley County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

La Tuna Canyon Fire & Rescue was looking for a way to expand communications through our area. Just a week prior to our flooding and a mudslide, we got all the vehicle communications established, but in advanced testing found that we would have needed to put a repeater on one of our local hills to reach the upper half of our canyon. Currently, the only way this is able to be done is through a relay or cross-band repeater in a couple of our vehicles. We set up TangoTango a week before the floods. Response times were increased as there were no radio communication issues. We even lost power to our base station radio after several hours, but our phones got us through, and we were still able to assist in size ups and response. I didn’t even need two days of the demo before committing to the service. I can now keep track of my team on our dashboard and can even run this all from my iPad. This system could not have come at a better time, and for the price, every department can afford this. Thank you for making La Tuna Canyon Fire & Rescue a priority. Paul and Zach have been excellent in our setup and testing. Kudos to you guys and the entire TangoTango team!!!

Michael Mason, Chief, La Tuna Canyon Fire & Rescue, California

“TangoTango has been a great benefit to us in being able to link and monitor other county radio traffic [even with] different radio systems. Actual case: a vehicle pursuit took place Wednesday involving Turner County Sheriff’s Office, Crisp County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol, and Dooly County Sheriff’s Office. We were able to monitor all their radio traffic without being relayed from one dispatch to another. We had the radio traffic first hand. This was a tremendous benefit. And yes the culprit was captured without injury to any L.E. or citizen.”

Randy Lamberth, INV/TAC, Dooly County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

I would like to thank TangoTango for implementing their system at the police department. It has given us constant communication with all the officers. When this was first installed I was out of state 600 miles away and a high-speed chase took place, and I was in constant communication with my officers. It is also a good tool because it is on your cell phone. You don’t always have a radio, but 99% of the time you have a cell phone on you that allows you to know what is going on 24/7. Again it has been a great asset for our PD.

Jimmy Hill, Chief, Samson Police Department, Alabama

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