Why Customers Choose Tango Tango

Improve Radio System Coverage

Tango Tango leverages cellular data networks and connects them with your radio system, significantly increasing your communications footprint to include any areas having  LTE/4G/3G coverage


Do you have surrounding agencies that you can’t communicate with due to incompatible radio systems? Tango Tango customers can, upon mutual granting of permissions, share their talk groups and contacts with other Tango Tango customers, enabling group push-to-talk across cooperating agencies.

Cost Savings

Our services allow you to reduce the number of radios needed, by using the radio-connected Tango Tango app for off-duty or light-duty radio users.

Administrator Convenience

Tango Tango is a simple way for administrators and command staff to stay in touch with radio users, even when they’re not within radio coverage. Using the Tango Tango PTT app and radio integration services, admins can monitor and transmit over their radio system using their smartphone.

Enhanced Communications

Tango Tango’s services provide additional features that enhance communications, for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. Many of our customers are able to enjoy these features for the first time, as they were previously too expensive or unavailable with LMR systems alone.


Tango Tango integrates with any radio system, on any cellular carrier, on any iOS or Android device. Unlike many legacy vendors and carriers, we accommodate your need to be free of proprietary communication systems.

Connect Separate Radio Systems

Tango Tango can dynamically bridge disparate radio systems, even those without overlapping coverage, using a convenient online web management interface. This capability enables many possible applications, including the ability to temporarily or permanently bridge regional radio systems together in a single interoperability talk group.

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