Impactful work with amazing people

At Tango Tango, the real-life heroes we serve inform the work that we do, and we like to consider ourselves similar to those First Responders.

First Responders show up on the scene, assess the situation, apply direct pressure, and take care of business (i.e., get things done no matter what is required). In short, we’re professionals.

Whether we came by this “First Responder” approach honestly, or learned it second-hand from our co-workers and customers, we strive to bring the same selfless professionalism, accountability, and efficiency to our jobs as the people we serve. We help our customers complete their duties by being responsive to their needs and sensitive to the critical nature of their work. As such, we attack our work as if it were a matter of life or death . . . because sometimes it is.

Because we recognize the life and death nature of our work, we also understand living a full life. We like to think we know how to both work and play – oftentimes at the same time. We do our best to work hard, have fun, not fork it up.

A few insights into a day at Tango Tango

We sink or swim as a team, which means that we never leave a man (or woman) behind.

We trust each member of the team to play their part by doing their job, but we will let them know if they miss the mark.

We expect everyone to become a “Radioman” by learning and eventually understanding the fundamentals of radio to better serve our customers.

We laugh. A lot. Be prepared to be surrounded by all kinds of jokes, including but certainly not limited to anecdotal, dad, observational, and self-deprecating.

We celebrate our successes and reflect on our failures with bourbon – typically on Fridays, but sometimes on any day that ends in “y”.

Results Oriented and Remote Friendly

We are a results oriented workplace environment (ROWE) which means that you can work when you want and where you want so long as you are hitting your goals and not leaving the team in a lurch.

Unlimited PTO

We do not have a set number of PTO days – if you need (or want) a personal day or five (and are all caught up on your work), then enjoy! We also celebrate a wide-variety of holidays, and a day at the beach. In short – we like to take the time to stop and celebrate.

Health and Dental Care
We cover the entire cost of dental and health insurance for both employees and families. We want you to stay safe and healthy, and we are happy to be able to financially contribute to that fact.

Open positions at Tango Tango

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