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Beyond Smartphone PTT

PTT as it’s meant to be: just push the button.

Find it too clunky to unlock your phone and/or press a button on the screen to talk? We have solutions. Check them out below.

PTT Buttons

User holding a phone equipped with Tango Tango's PTT button

See push-to-talk buttons from Tango Tango & other vendors supported by us.


Combine a PTT Button with a headset for powerful but discreet PTT.

Speaker Mics

Connect a Bluetooth Speaker Microphone to your phone for a radio-like experience.

LTE Radios

cellular & wifi walkie talkie

Cellular Two-Way Radios communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

Give any smartphone a PTT Button.

3 steps turn your smartphone into a walkie talkie


Stick your PTT button to the back of any smartphone device in any direction that feels natural to you.


Sync your PTT button to the Tango Tango app.


Speak to your team with a single tap directly from your smartphone.

The Tango Tango PTT Button

Push-to-talk as it’s meant to be: just push the button.

Talk quickly

Just push the button and talk. Use your phone just like a walkie-talkie. No need to unlock your screen or buy a specialized PTT phone to have a walkie-talkie like experience on your phone.

Mute Switch

Quickly Mute or Unmute theTango Tango app with the Mute switch on the PTT Button.

Stick anywhere

Stick to your phone or any other hard, smooth surface.

Works up to 100 feet away

Works through a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection to your phone.

1+ Year Battery Life

With the low power consumption of BLE and the PTT Button's long-lasting battery, go over 1 year on a single battery.

$29.95 each




Pryme PTT-Z

The PTT Button that is always at-hand.

PTT Button

Use the PTT Button on the PTT-Z to initiate Tango Tango calls. Pair with Bluetooth headphones for handsfree PTT.

Equipped with strap to wear on finger

The PTT-Z button has a built-in strap suitable for wearing around your finger or strapping around a steering wheel or similar.

Up to 2 Year Battery Life

Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to minimize power demands.

IP65 Durability

Water resistant & rugged device.

$34.95 each


Everyday headphones that work great with Tango Tango

Headphones with a PTT Button

One great way to use Tango Tango is to use a PTT Button such the Tango Tango PTT Button or the PTT-Z along with headphones. The headphones enables you to discreetly hear PTT traffic and to talk back over your headphones simply pressing your PTT Button – even if your phone stays in your pocket.

Recommended Headphones

While we don’t sell headphones, here are some headphones that we & our customers have found to work well for listening & talking over PTT. For your convenience, we’ve included links to the Product pages on Amazon where you can check these out.

Apple AirPods

Airpods on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds on Amazon

Jabra Elite 2 Buds

Jabra Elite on Amazon

Bose Quiet Comfort II

Bose QC on Amazon

Specialty & Active headphones that work great with Tango Tango

Specialty Headphones

These headphones are best for those using PTT in a physically demanding or specialized environment. SHOKZ is great if you need to either wear hearing protection or have your ears open & available to hear sounds. The PowerBeats loop around your ear to ensure they don’t go anywhere.

SHOKZ Open-Ear

Shokz on Amazon

Beats PowerBeats Pro

Jabra Elite on Amazon

Bluetooth Speaker Microphones

Use a radio speaker microphone with your phone.

Loud & Clear

Loud, clear audio from the speaker

PTT Button

Use the PTT Button on the AINA device to push-to-talk with the Tango Tango app.

Multi-Day Battery Life

Battery life estimated at 48 hours.

IP65 Durability

Water resistant & rugged device.

$219.95 each


Cellular Walkie-Talkies / LTE Radios

siyata sd7

LTE Radios: the walkie-talkie that works wherever you do.

Loud & clear.

LTE Radios are loud enough for high noise environments like radios but clearer than a walkie talkie.

Nationwide - or even worldwide - coverage

LTE Radios work over cellular & wifi to give you coverage almost everywhere.

Encrypted communication

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, all calls on LTE Radios are encrypted in AES-256 encryption, the same used by banks & the military.

Automatic Recording

Playback from smartphone app or web browser. All recordings are AES-256 encrypted. Can be turned off if desired.

No need for costly two-way radio infrastructure

Leverage existing LTE & wifi networks to affordably communicate anywhere. Save money vs. expensive, proprietary radio infrastructure.

Bult to Last

IP68 rating, dust-proof, water resistant in 1.5 meters of water up to 30 minutes. 12 hour battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions about PTT Accessories

PTT Accessories

Yes, you can. The back of the PTT Button has a simple reusable tape on it and can typically be removed and reattached several times with no problem.

Over multiple detachments & reattachments, you may find that the stickiness wears off. In that case, simply remove the original tape and use a thin, 2-sided tape of your own to reattach.

If you use the PTT Button for work and prefer to not have it attached to your device while not working, you might consider having a ‘work’ phone case and a ‘personal’ phone case to avoid continued removal & reattachment of the PTT Button.

  1. First make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your smartphone’s Settings app.
  2. Then, open the Tango Tango app and go to the Settings tab on the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Click the PTT Button setting
  4. (special step only for Apple devices) Click the ‘Enable iOS PTT Support’ button
  5. Click Add PTT Button and follow the onscreen prompts.
  6. Now, exit the Settings screen and click the Channels tab on the bottom left. Long press on the channel you’d like for your PTT Button to talk on when a call isn’t already in progress. Then click “Set as Default”. You can change your Default channel at any time in the future.

It connects through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). No wires or anything of that nature connect to your phone. The button is usable within normal phone Bluetooth range, which is typically 100-300 feet away from the phone.

While many PTT Button users mount the button on their phone itself to make the phone behave like a walkie-talkie, it’s also possible to mount the button on a lanyard, desk, or any other location that is convenient for you.

The Tango Tango PTT Button battery lasts an estimated 14 months. The device uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and a traditional coin cell battery.

When the battery runs out, it is possible the open the device and change the battery yourself but it requires a very small screwdriver from a kit for working on electronics. Given the low cost, many customers prefer to simply replace the button at that point but the choice is yours.

The PTT Button uses Bluetooth Low Energy and has almost no noticeable impact on battery life on a daily basis.

Yes, the button connects to your phone through Bluetooth, is powered by a battery, and is simply attached by reusable tape.

The button will attach to any case that has a surface that allows reusable tape to stick to it. Most plastic & metal cases work perfectly.

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Radio Connection

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Give your smartphone a PTT button to make it feel like a two-way radio.


LTE Radios

Cellular walkie-talkies that communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

LTE Radios

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