Stick-on PTT Button 5-pack




The Stick-On PTT Button lets you push-to-talk from your phone any time – even if your phone screen is off and/or locked.

The Button also features a Do Not Disturb slider to easily bring your Tango Tango app in and out of Do Not Disturb mode without having to open the app.

The 5-pack includes 5 Stick-On PTT Buttons.

Getting Started

Getting started with the button is easy:

  1. Go to Settings > PTT Button inside your Tango Tango app.
  2. If on an iPhone, click “Enable iOS PTT Support”. This enables a special Apple framework to support push-to-talk calls. This enables your phone to support the PTT Button. You will also notice a different lock screen on your iPhone while you are in Tango Tango calls.
  3. Click “Add PTT Button” and follow the prompts. If the PTT Button is not found, make sure to tap a button on your PTT Button to wake it up.
  4. Now, just stick your PTT Button onto your phone in the place most comfortable for you. Or, stick it anywhere within Bluetooth range of your phone – which is about 30 feet.

Note: at this time, the Stick-On PTT Button only works with the Tango Tango app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the battery life on the button?

The button has an expected battery life of 12 months, however, this can be shorter with more frequent use.

Can I change the battery myself?

Yes, it’s a simple coin cell battery. However, you will need a small screwdriver suitable for small electronics repair. Due to the relatively low cost & the natural wear & tear, we find that some users prefer to just buy a new button after 1 year but the choice is yours.

Do I have to stick the button on my phone? Or what is the Bluetooth range to connect to my phone?

No, the button does not have to be mounted on your phone. It’s a wireless Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connection with the typical range of about 30 feet. We have some users mount their button on a card that is on a lanyard, a table top or other places and it will work just fine provided your phone is in range.

I don’t currently use Tango Tango but I’m interested because of the button. What’s the best way to get started?

Our 5-pack of PTT Buttons includes 5 buttons and a free 5-user Basic PTT account for 1-year. This is the simplest way to get started.