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Cellular Walkie-Talkies / LTE Radios

The best push-to-talk walkie talkie app

siyata sd7

Cellular Walkie-Talkies give you the best of radios and cellular in one affordable package.

Cellular Walkie-Talkies work wherever you do.

Cellular Walkie-Talkies – also known as LTE Radios – give you all the upsides of two-way radios + cellular without the downsides.

Feel of a radio + coverage of a cell phone

Cellular Walkie-Talkies look & feel like radios but work on cellular & wifi networks. With a Two-Way Radio-to-Phone Connection to your existing system, you can add these nationwide LTE radios to your existing fleet.

Loud & clear.

LTE Radios are as loud as two-way radios, but clearer than traditional walkie talkies that deal with signal problems & interference.

Nationwide - or even worldwide - coverage

LTE Radios work over cellular & wifi to give you coverage almost everywhere.

Encrypted communication

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, all calls on our LTE Radios are encrypted in AES-256 encryption, the same used by banks & the military.

Automatic Recording

Automatic recording of audio from LTE Radios. Playback from smartphone app or web browser. All recordings are AES-256 encrypted. Can be turned off if desired.

Use Cellular Walkie-Talkies to expand your existing two-way radio system.

Through our Radio-to-Phone Connection, it’s easy to add LTE Radios into any existing two-way radio network.

Use cell networks to run a standalone radio system with just Cellular Walkie-Talkies.

Leverage existing LTE & wifi networks to create your own network with Cellular Walkie-Talkies and save money vs. buying & maintaining expensive, proprietary radio infrastructure.

Built to Last

IP68 rating, dust-proof, water resistant in 1.5 meters of water up to 30 minutes. 12 hour battery life.

With cellular connectivity, Cellular Walkie Talkies talk from almost anywhere.

Cellular Walkie-Talkies seamlessly talk with other phones, tablets, and PCs.

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cellular & wifi walkie talkie

Cellular Two-Way Radios

Cellular Walkie-Talkies can communicate with your existing radio system through a Radio-to-Phone Connection.

tango tango roip kit

Traditional Radios to Cellular Walkie-Talkies Connection

Learn More About Radio Connection

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The best PTT walkie-talkie app for Public Safety. Relied on by thousands of first responders.


Radio Connection

Use RoIP to expand your existing radio system to phones, PCs & LTE radios.



Give your smartphone a PTT button to make it feel like a two-way radio.


LTE Radios

Cellular walkie-talkies that communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

LTE Radios

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ptt app for fire departments

With Unlimited Users, no one is left behind.

Free Trial: includes PTT App & Radio Connection

1 radio channel, unlimited PTT app users

24/7/365 support

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LTE Radios fully supported

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