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Who is Tango Tango?

tango tango ceo trey sharp

Trey Sharp, Founder/CEO

I’ve been in the Public Safety Communications business for over 30 years. In that time, I’ve worked with many Public Safety Technology companies who sell products to public safety. I found that most of them charge high prices but sell technology that is years – or even decades – behind the general consumer market.

This is why an iPhone costs only $1,000 but an LTE-enabled P25 radio costs $10,000+.

This situation has led to scenarios that make zero sense. Children can sit down today, spin up a video game with new friends in another country, and have full voice communications for free. But, if the same children need help from first responders who are rushing to a disaster or a school shooting, the first responders often cannot communicate with one another.

Some first responders with high-end P25 systems can communicate more reliably but had to spend millions upon millions of dollars to have that capability. Far too many agencies – especially those in small towns – are left behind simply due to costs. Agencies are literally forced to choose between having reliable communications or enough officers on the street.

By any standard, this is insanity. As a technology sector serving Public Safety, we must do better. First responders deserve better. And the public being served by first responders deserves better.

This is why we started Tango Tango.

At Tango Tango, we ask ourselves 3 simple questions everyday:

  1. How much value can we deliver?
  2. How little can we charge?
  3. How simple can we make it?

I’m proud that we have helped thousands of first responders and heard so many stories of how our technology reduced response times & saved lives. And we’re just getting started.


Trey Sharp


What We Believe In

Clear, Best-in-Class Pricing

Our pricing is designed from the bottom-up to be the simplest, highest value offer in the business.

First Responders deserve better.

First responders deserve tech that isn't decades behind consumers.

Made in the USA

American first responder voice comms are critical to national security. They should be developed by US citizens to ensure safety. All the code that we write is created inside the USA with US citizens.

Solutions, not projects

We make our products stunningly simple. You shouldn't need a full-time expert on staff to make and maintain a technology purchase.

No Surprises.

A customer should never be surprised with a price increase. We work hard to avoid any increase. But, if it’s ever needed, we will notify you at least 12 months ahead of time so that we are at least one budget cycle away.

No "Silos"

Public safety technologies should talk with one another. Too many first responder technologies are proprietary and closed off. This slows down response times and increases prices.

What Makes Us Different


Whether you need a full Radio Connection with PTT hardware or a software-only solution, you'll be online quickly.

Support from Real People.

Every member of our team lives in the USA and averages 10+ years in the industry.

Long-Term Relationships Focus

For us, it's not about short-term profits, it's about long-term relationships & doing the right thing. It's at the core of what we do.

The Easiest Radio Connection

We specialize in connecting your radio system to phones. With us, it just works. You won't spend hours on research, buying parts & tuning audio. We make it easy to get online & stay online.

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The best PTT walkie-talkie app for Public Safety. Relied on by thousands of first responders.


Radio Connection

Use RoIP to expand your existing radio system to phones, PCs & LTE radios.



Give your smartphone a PTT button to make it feel like a two-way radio.


LTE Radios

Cellular walkie-talkies that communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

LTE Radios

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