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This walkie-talkie app makes your phone a powerful two-way radio.

ptt app radio call

Talk to your entire team at once.

Talk to everyone with one button.

The walkie-talkie app works just like a two-way radio, talk with connected two-way radio channels or other app users.

Listen with no user interaction needed.

No need to accept a call or read a text. Perfect for monitoring real-time situations.

AES-256 Encrypted

Our walkie-talkie app uses the same encryption relied on by banks & the US military to protect your voice comms. Trusted by thousands of first responders daily.

Unlimited channels & talkgroups

Create unlimited in-app channels & talkgroups in the walkie-talkie app as needed.

Add a PTT Button to your smartphone

Pair with the Tango Tango PTT Button, to give even your iPhone or any other smartphone have a PTT Button like the NEXTEL phones you might remember.

Recording & playback of all audio right from our app.

Want to playback what you missed? You can do it right from the walkie-talkie app. This can be disabled entirely if desired.

Location Tracking

See where everyone on your team is right from the call screen of the walkie-talkie app. This can also be disabled on a per-user basis if desired.


Text messaging with your PTT groups lets you stop maintaining separate apps & user lists to talk with the same group of people.

Receive two-tone pages

Receive two-tone paging alerts from your fire department or EMS right on your smartphone.

Backup your radio system.

Radio system down or you're out of coverage? No problem, switch over to Tango Tango.

Take a tour of the Walkie-Talkie App.


Tango Tango app - Channels Screen

One screen. All your channels in one Walkie-Talkie App.

  • Access all your radio channels
    • Radio-Connected channels for your organization
    • In-app only channels
    • One-to-one channels with other users
    • Access shared channels from other organizations for interoperability
  • Create new Walkie-Talkie channels “on the fly” & add users to them
  • Favorite channels to pin them to the top
  • Set a default channel for transmit


Tango Tango app - Messages Screen

Get up to speed up in seconds with Messages & Recordings. All within the Walkie-Talkie App.

  • Access all channel communications on one screen
  • Send text messages
  • Replay missed audio


Tango Tango app - Contacts Screen

Your organization’s directory right in your pocket.

  • See all members of your organization and their phone numbers & email addresses
  • Start private PTT calls or message your contacts
  • Mark Favorite contacts to pin to the Channels screen


Tango Tango app - Map Screen

Command & control in your hands at all times.

  • View the location of other members of your team
  • Tap a user to:
    • Send a message
    • Navigate to the user’s current location
    • See current battery level of their PTT device


Tango Tango app - Settings Screen

Powerful settings let you tweak the app to your needs.

  • Do Not Disturb to block all PTT calls
  • Connect Bluetooth accessories
  • Customize call audio & much more


Tango Tango app - Support Screen

We’ve got your back.

  • Reach the Support screen from Settings
  • Call or email our USA-based support right from the app
  • Go to our knowledgebase to answer frequent questions & access setup guides

Go beyond smartphones & radios. Use your PC or Mac to push-to-talk.

tango tango web client

Give any computer the the Tango Tango PTT app to listen, talk, and track the locations of your team.

Bring a PTT app to computers at your dispatch center or in your vehicles.


Use your computer as a powerful two-way radio

All the two-way radio features from the smartphone app are here.

Track your entire team on a large computer screen

Perfect for dispatch centers or just tracking your team from your office.

Manage & playback your recordings

Play your recordings or download them to your computer for later.

Powerful admin capabilities

Make changes "on the fly" as needed. Add new users (from your agency or visiting agencies), delete users, create new talkgroups at a moment's notice.

Frequently Asked Questions about the PTT App


Yes, Tango Tango works on any network with an internet connection. All you need to do to use Tango Tango via Wifi is to make sure your phone is logged onto the Wifi network.

If you have trouble connecting via a Wifi network, contact us. It could be that your network administrator has blocked access to ports needed by our app. We can help you and your network admin troubleshoot this.

First, if you or your team do not yet have an account, then request a Free Trial.

Once you have an account created by our team, download the app from either Google Play or the App Store and follow the instructions in the video below. The short version of what’s covered in the video –

  1. Start the app.
  2. Put in the phone number that you used when your account was setup. Note that it is possible to setup an account with an email address rather than a phone number but a phone number will also be the default login if one is setup.
  3. Make sure to grant all permissions requested or the app will not work properly.
  4. Enjoy!

You can find more detailed instructions in our knowledgebase:

We have found that our app uses 10% or less of battery per day when the app is heavily used. If traffic is light, this number can be substantially better. If location tracking is not used, it can be turned off to improve battery life further.

Not much. Each hour of talking uses about 18 megabytes. This translates to:

  • 10 hours of usage in a month will use about 180MB.
  • 50 hours will use about 900MB

Note that data is only used when your phone is connected and receives traffic from the system.


Tango Tango works on any cellular carrier including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, & USCellular as well as all regional carriers. As long as you can connect to internet from your device, you can talk on Tango Tango.

Go Beyond the PTT App


The best PTT walkie talkie app for Public Safety. Relied on by thousands of first responders.


Radio Connection

Use RoIP to expand your existing radio system to phones, PCs & LTE radios.


PTT Accessories

Give your smartphone a PTT button to make it feel like a two-way radio.


LTE Radios

Cellular Walkie-Talkies communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

LTE Radios

See why first responders choose our PTT App.

ptt app for fire departments

With Unlimited Users, no one is left behind.

Free Trial: includes PTT App & Radio Connection

1 radio channel, unlimited PTT app users

24/7/365 support

See why why thousands of first responders choose Tango Tango as the best PTT app.

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