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Public Safety


First Responders Nationwide

First responders nationwide explain why Tango Tango is an essential addition to extend, expand, and enhance their emergency radio communications.


Clark County, South Dakota

120 emergency responders in Clark County depend on Tango Tango to stay connected during critical emergencies.


Chilton County 9-1-1

Dan Wright, Chilton County 9-1-1 Executive Director and Alabama NENA President, discusses the advantages of Tango Tango as a limitless radio for Public Safety.


Sea Girt, NJ

Tango Tango connects Sea Girt police, fire, public works, and 80 seasonal lifeguards even though each department uses a different radio frequency. Chief Justin Macko explains and shares his thoughts on the product.


Elmore County Fire Department

EMA Director Barnett and Fire Chief Cardwell rely on Tango Tango to enhance their radio communications and extend their radio coverage with 20 different fire departments.


Cook County Fire Department

Fire Chief & EMA Director, Johnny West, overcomes proximity issues of traditional radios and interoperates with other public safety organizations by connecting his radio system to Tango Tango.


Dale County Sheriff’s Office

Chief Deputy Bynum overcame the limitations of his radio system, which included limited range, limited coverage, and limited connections, by connecting his radio system to Tango Tango. With Tango Tango, Chief Deputy Bynum can receive and respond to live radio calls anywhere in the nation, and he can communicate with neighboring departments at the push of a button.


Arab Police Department

Chief Ralston explains how being able to communicate with neighboring law enforcement agencies is essential to improving emergency response efforts – especially for a jurisdiction that covers multiple counties. With Tango Tango, Chief Ralston and his team are able to talk with surrounding agencies on a common frequency using the devices that they already have on them.


Aransas Pass Police Department

Chief Blanchard and Aransas Police Department lost their P25 radio system for 2 months following Hurricane Harvey due to catastrophic damage to the radio infrastructure. Cellular providers were back online within 2 days. Tango Tango bridged the gap in Aransas Pass’ PTT comms and is now an everyday tool & backup for the department.


Guardian Elite Medical Services

Responding to a major multi-car accident outside of their jurisdiction, Guardian Elite Medical Services lost radio communications as a result of being outside of radio range and quickly had to find another way to stay in communication with emergency responders. While driving to the scene, Guardian Elite Medical Services used Tango Tango to bridge the communications gap and maintain radio communications over their smartphones.



Robinson County Independent School District

Safety Director, David Wrzesinski, enhances the safety of his students and staff by using Tango Tango’s push-to-talk technology to keep the entire school system connected to the local police department in the case of a critical emergency.


Aransas Pass, Texas

Aransas Pass used Tango Tango to shave time off the response time to a gun threat at a local school, by allowing direct administrator-to-police communication. Inside the school, officers used Tango Tango to coordinate emergency response due to poor radio coverage inside the school.


Howell Township

Captain Pilecki explains how Tango Tango’s PTT radio app is an essential communications tool for School Resource Officers by allowing them to communicate in areas with poor radio coverage and with external law enforcement agencies at the push of a button.



Lone Star Protective Services

Kirk Grable, President & CEO of Lone Star Protective Services, provides insight into how Tango Tango improves radio communications and delivers superior customer service at a price point that makes it all feasible.

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Public Safety

“Tango Tango Interoperability is a must in rural Georgia. Many cases will cross jurisdictional boundaries & we all have different radio systems making it difficult to communicate effectively. We have partnered with our neighbors to the north and south through Tango Tango which has greatly improved response and officer safety. We can communicate in a minute's notice.

Sheriff Billy HancockCrisp Co, GA Sheriff's Dept

We were quickly blown away by Tango Tango’s usability and the way it eliminates the communication problems for our team. We found radios to be outdated and competing products to be clunky and difficult to navigate, but we've had the best experience with the Tango Tango app and service.

Major Adel ValdezBerrien County, GA Sheriff's Office

Tango Tango is simple, user-friendly, and reliable. Once you try it, you will have to have it as part of your everyday life.

Chief Josh McDanielIrondale, AL Fire Dept

Marion County is mountainous and radio communication is inconsistent. We also have members who live outside our primary service area and don't have the ability to communicate by radio. Tango Tango has been the perfect tool to resolve our communication issues. The ability to have additional fireground frequencies is a bonus that expands our capabilities.

Chief Lowell HardinJasper Highlands, TN VFD


We are extremely pleased with Tango Tango! I often use it while en route to work to monitor our radio traffic and when I am off-duty. The sound quality is excellent! The customer support is exceptional as well. I strongly recommend this app.

Walter Warner, Dispatch ManagerAtlanta Public Schools Police Department

We have have integrated with our police department here. Getting them to a scene, especially in an active shooting situation is super important. You get on Tango Tango and say "we've got an active shooter at our high school" else, the officers are immediately notified. We don't we don't have to go through the 911 process.

David Wrzesinski, Safety DirectorRobinson Independent School District

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