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PTT for Faster
Emergency Response

“Communication really is at the top. You’ve got to start there, because if people don’t know how to disseminate the information, they’re not going to be able to execute the plan.”

David Wrzesinski
School Safety Director | Robinson ISD

Enhance School Safety

with PTT Radio

Enhance School Safety
with PTT Radio

Extend Coverage

Overcome distance and coverage limitations of your traditional radio system by turning your smartphone into a radio.

Receive and respond to your radio traffic securely over your smartphone

Eliminate radio dead zones caused by walls and poor coverage

Replay missed radio traffic and push-to-talk calls at any time directly from the device that’s always by your side

Expand Network

Securely connect school staff to first responders in the event of an emergency at the push of a button.

Communicate critical information in real-time with school staff and first responders simultaneously

Create secure channels within seconds with public safety organizations regardless of radio frequency or cell provider

Send emergency alerts to school staff without wasting seconds unlocking a device to access a panic button app

Ensure Security

Increase visibility into and control over your radio communications no matter where you are.

Coordinate emergency response efforts faster than ever before with robust GPS tracking capabilities in your hand

Assign listen-only access to anyone, any time to keep communication channels clear & school staff informed

Monitor and manage school staff access to communication channels from any device connected to a cellular or WiFi network

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