Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tango Tango?

Tango Tango uses advanced networking, mobile, and cloud technologies to expand the coverage and capabilities of our customers’ radio systems. Integrating with any traditional land-mobile radio system, we provide a complete communications service that requires very low overhead and no capital expense.  Our mobile push-to-talk app includes group and one-to-one calling, GPS tracking, emergency alerts, and text/media group messaging. Our ability to securely integrate existing radio systems provides unprecedented interoperability, coverage, and features, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional radio system.

Do I have to purchase a special mobile device?

No. Tango Tango will work on any Android, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, or PC computer. If you plan to use the app in the field often, you may want to consider a ruggedized mobile phone, with an integrated Push-to-Talk button. We recommend Sonim, Kyocera, and CAT PTT-enabled, ruggedized smartphones.

What cellular carriers will Tango Tango work on?

Tango Tango is compatible with any cellular data network carrier.

Will the Tango Tango app work on wifi?

Yes. Tango Tango works on either cellular data or wifi. However, some wifi systems are not optimized for voice traffic. You may want to test it on your wifi network. Also, some wifi networks may require Internet firewall configuration to fully support voice services. Contact our support department at [email protected] for help with wifi integration.

How do I pay for Tango Tango service and apps?

The app is free to download, but requires authorization to use. Payment for authorization can be billed to the agency itself, directly by Tango Tango to the end user via credit card, or a combination of both. Radio integration fees are billed by Tango Tango directly to the customer’s agency.

How much data does the Tango Tango app use?

Very little. While idle, and not making any calls, Tango Tango usage is approximately 2 Megabytes/month regardless of device and network type.

While in an active call:

  • On a 4G network each hour of talking will use approximately 18 Megabytes.
  • On a 3G network each hour of talking will use approximately 8 Megabytes.

Examples:  Assume that you typically make calls that use 10 hours of talk time during a month on your :

  •       4G LTE network, expect to use 180 MB / month.
  •       3G network, expect to use 80 MB /month.
How much battery does the Tango Tango app use?

Battery life can depend on many factors, including the number of items running in the background, Bluetooth connected devices, location services, audio volume level, and how much audio traffic the user receives or transmits.

For more information about  Android battery drain, see http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/12-android-battery-life-tips-and-tricks-697772/2

Many ruggedized PTT-enabled smartphones offer significantly longer battery life than standard phone models. Check out our line of CAT rugged smartphones to see a few examples.

What radio systems can I integrate with the app?

Tango Tango can be integrated with any UHF, VHF, digital, or P25 radio system. We have extensive experience with all aspects of radio system integration, from simple portable radio connections to multiple-channel rack mount integration configurations.

Will Tango Tango work on FirstNet?

The Tango Tango app is FirstNet certified and works great on the FirstNet network and approved devices.  Tango Tango users on FirstNet can still communicate with other Tango Tango customers, when mutual approvals are given, regardless of their cellular carrier.

Can the general public listen to Tango Tango audio?

No. Though most two-radio systems can be heard by the general public via scanner, access to an agency’s Tango Tango channels’ audio is not resold or made available to the general public.

Is the audio traffic encrypted?

Yes. Tango Tango audio traffic to and from mobile devices is encrypted using AES256 encryption, along with secure standard key exchange and hashing mechanisms.

App Support

How do I adjust the audio levels?

The volume of a call can be controlled with the phone’s volume switch during an active PTT call. If the volume level is too low, ensure that the phone speaker is enabled. This can be configured in the Tango Tango app Settings menu (“Start Call with Speaker”) and, during a call, with the speaker icon on the app screen. In addition, the ‘Volume Boost’ setting in the Settings menu can be used to increase the volume for an individual user.

For radio integrated talk groups, the radio interface equipment’s settings can also affect the app’s audio volume. Tango Tango can adjust these settings remotely if needed. Contact Tango Tango support if you experience audio issues on radio-integrated talk groups.