How does Tango Tango securely connect my radio system to my smartphone?

We connect a donor radio to a device that connects the radio traffic to the cloud via 4G cellular data. Once in the cloud, we can route the push-to-talk traffic to the people approved to hear it.

What if I need to switch donor radios?

Let our support team know the type of radio that you plan to use, and we will ship you the correct cable to connect your new donor radio to our system.

How far is the range of Tango Tango?

Tango Tango works via cellular or WiFi connection so you can connect virtually anywhere.

How can I access the Tango Tango app?

Tango Tango is built for teams and requires an admin invite. If you have not received an admin invite, complete the form below to request access to Tango Tango.

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