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Yes. Our web portal allows you to share your radio channel to another organization. Just send them and invite and they can accept your request. They will then have the ability to determine who inside their organization should have access to the channel. This allows you create & manage interoperability “on the fly”.

You can also revoke their organization’s access from the web portal in the future at any time.

However, we have found that many customers may prefer not to share their main radio channel and instead prefer to setup other Tango Tango channels for interop with other agencies & organizations. The choice is yours.

No. Tango Tango is fully encrypted from your radio to our servers. Traffic is also fully encrypted from our servers to phones & other devices

However, note that, if you integrate Tango Tango to a unencrypted radio system, the radio system itself remains unencrypted. We make no alterations to your existing radio system. We can only secure all traffic going to our servers and to phones.

But, even if your main dispatch is connected & unencrypted, you can still create Tango Tango channels that aren’t integrated into an existing radio system. These channels are secure & encrypted. Many customers use Tango Tango like this to add secure “off-dispatch” channels to their department to handle sensitive, off-dispatch conversations such as those had by Narcotics, SWAT, etc.

No, you do need a special device. Our app works great on any fairly recent model iPhone or Android device.

With a basic smartphone, you will be able to hear radio traffic from your phone while it is locked. But, you will need to unlock your phone to respond. This works great if you mostly want to monitor traffic and will communicate in a relatively calm environment.

But, if you need to respond through your phone frequently or will use the app in situations where unlocking your phone might be difficult or prohibited (driving, etc), you might consider our PTT Button add-on or a PTT smartphone from Sonim to pair with Tango Tango.

No. We connect to one of your spare radios, which is programmed & licensed by whatever means you buy your radios. None of our equipment is transmitting on or touching any of your radio frequencies.

Our servers remotely control your spare radio to connect to your radio system. You likely already have 2-way radios on your network that are controlled remotely. They are probably at your dispatch center where several dispatchers may be sharing a base station or in your fire trucks or ambulances. Think of our server as “cloud” remote control head for your spare radio.

Yes, Tango Tango works great on FirstNet just like any other cellular carrier. Many Tango Tango customers use Tango Tango with FirstNet today. We are also a FirstNet partner and can provide you FirstNet connectivity for your IoR kit if that is important to your agency.

Yes, Tango Tango works on any network with an internet connection. All you need to do to use Tango Tango via Wifi is to make sure your phone is logged onto the Wifi network.

If you have trouble connecting via a Wifi network, contact us. It could be that your network administrator has blocked access to ports needed by our app. We can help you and your network admin troubleshoot this.

First, if you or your team do not yet have an account, then either Start an App-Only Free Trial if you are not connecting to a radio system. Or, request a Free Trial if you are connecting to a radio system.

App-Only trials require no conversations with anyone on our team. We will start your account up, notify you when it’s ready, and send you some information about how to get the most out of your Tango Tango trial.

Note that, however, if you’d like to connect a radio system, a member of our team will need to contact you to gather details about your radio system.

Once you have an account, download the app from either Google Play or the App Store and follow the instructions in the video below. The short version of what’s covered in the video –

  1. Start the app.
  2. Put in the phone number that you used when your account was setup. Note that it is possible to setup an account with an email address rather than a phone number but a phone number will also be the default login if one is setup.
  3. Make sure to grant all permissions requested or the app will not work properly.
  4. Enjoy!

You can find more detailed instructions in our knowledgebase:

Super easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Follow the free trial link & fill out the requested information.
  2. We will activate a Tango Tango Team account for you within 12 hours. We will email & text you to let you know when it’s ready.
  3. You’ll need people to talk to, so login to our Portal and add people to your team. You can add up to 25 other people to your trial to talk with.
  4. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and login using your phone number.

Note that we require a credit card at time of sign-up but we will not charge the credit card until your 45-day free trial has ended. Our billing partner, Stripe, provides a super easy cancellation process if you decide any time during your trial that this isn’t for you. You will not be charged unless you keep our service.


3 Steps –

  1. We will gather some basic info about your radio system.
  2. We will send you a radio integration kit. Make sure to have a spare two-way radio (we call this a “donor radio”) available for when the kit arrives.
  3. Once the kit arrives, you plug up the kit we sent you up to power and call us. Within about 5 minutes of your phone call, your radio system will be connected to our servers and available on your phone and other devices.

Radio-to-phone connection is priced “as a service”. What this means is that there is no big hardware cost upfront, no surprise maintenance/replacement costs, etc. Basically, everything is covered.

We include:

  • Your radio-to-phone IoR kit
  • 24×7 support on your IoR integration
  • Free replacement of your kit if it fails for any reason – we even cover the shipping
  • Cellular connection for your kit so that it can connect even if there is no local internet.
  • A free trial so that you can try it all out

Because we work hard to be competitive and include all these bells & whistles, there isn’t a “one size fits all” price for radio-to-phone connection. Depending on specific your radio system and the number of channels you have, the price can vary. But, to give you an idea, our typical customers spends about $4,000 per year with Tango Tango all-in.

We have found that our app uses 10% or less of battery per day when the app is heavily used. If traffic is light, this number can be substantially better. If location tracking is not used, it can be turned off to improve battery life further.

Not much. Each hour of talking uses about 18 megabytes. This translates to:

  • 10 hours of usage in a month will use about 180MB.
  • 50 hours will use about 900MB

Note that data is only used when your phone is connected and receives traffic from the system.


No. We have had users radio check to their USA-based radio system from their smartphone in Mexico, Israel, Iraq, and many more. Get into outer space with an internet connection and you should be able to key up from there, too.

Bottom line – with Tango Tango IoR you can talk to your radio system from anywhere that you have your phone & an internet connection.

Just contact us and we can help.

If your radio system is integrated to Tango Tango, there are many details that we can work on remotely to improve your audio quality.

If you suspect your problem is specific to your phone only, you can go to Settings – Call Settings – Volume Boost. You might find that adjusting this helps. Note that maxing Volume Boost can, at times, result in audio distortion.

There are a lot of settings that can be tweaked in the background so please reach out to us and let us help.

Tango Tango works on any cellular carrier including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, & USCellular as well as all regional carriers. As long as you can connect to internet from your device, you can talk on Tango Tango.

Just email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-826-4607 extension 2. We will send you a cable for your new radio and talk you through the quick & easy process of the change out.

Tango Tango is a push-to-talk or (“walkie talkie”) app for smartphones, PCs, and more. Tango Tango allows these devices to communicate just like a 2-way radio.

Our Internet of Radio (IoR) feature allows you to connect our app to existing radio systems. This lets you talk with your existing radio system from phones, PCs & more.

Our patented Internet of Radio (IoR) approach allows us to connect to any type of radio system. We connect to one of your spare radios that you already own and use it to interface to your radio system.

There are, however, a select few spare radio models that we are unable to connect with. These are radios that are rare and don’t have cables available to interface to our IoR system. By the very fact that these models are not common, you likely don’t have one of these affected models but our team can determine this in a quick conversation.

Our app is often used for real-time communications by teams doing important work. It’s our “claim to fame” to be relied on by police, fire, EMS, and more. We don’t want a team to rely on us, reach the end of their trial, and be accidentally cutoff by our system for non-payment. Putting a card in upfront ensures that it’s an intentional choice by the user to cutoff our service.

We have made sure that cancellation of a free trial is super simple by using our payment partner, Stripe. To cancel, you do not need to speak to anyone and it’s a completely hassle-free, simple process.

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