First Response Tones

Two-tone alerts sent directly to your phone.

The most advanced solution for firefighters

First Response Tones

Tango Tango First Response Tones (FRT) integrate with your existing radio and tone-based alert paging system, enabling you to receive tone-out notifications on your smartphone when your station is paged out. FRT will play the tones and dispatcher call audio over your smartphone and send a text message to the Tango Tango app, with audible alert tones.

Traditional Pagers

  • Traditional pagers are expensive
  • Additional hardware to carry
  • Only work in geographical area

First Response Tones

  • Everyone carries a cell phone
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Unlimited coverage (cellular or wifi)

Features and Pricing

$1,500 / year for each radio channel that has two-tone page outs

Receive station / department-only tone outs on your phone

Pricing Includes

  • Avoid listening to county wide radio traffic
  • Turn your phone into a pager and radio
  • Ability to playback audio
  • In app messaging for tone out alerting
  • Play/download tone out calls on admin portal

What others are saying about First Response Tones

“Clark County Emergency responders have been excited with the further enhancements of Tango Tango. They have rolled out toneout capabilities. This allows our emergency responders to use the app as a pager and only hear their specific departments tone, and still have the ability to use the app as a radio.”

Jeremy Wellnitz, Chief, Clark PD, SD

“Adding First Response Tones to the existing Tango Tango platform allows our responders to move their communications to one device, and potentially save them money by utilizing a system that works and is fully supported.”

Dan Wright, Executive 911 Director of Chilton County, Alabama

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