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Stick your PTT button to the back of any smartphone device in any direction that feels natural to you.



Sync your PTT button to the Tango Tango app.



Speak to your team with a single tap directly from your smartphone.

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What happens after I place my order?

We’ll reach out to you with shipping details and instructions on how to access the Tango Tango app. If you need additional assistance, contact Tango Tango at 888.826.4607 or [email protected].

Is the app included?

Yes. Your purchase of the world’s first push-to-talk button includes access to the app for three months. You can extend your access after that for a small monthly fee or cancel at any time.

How does the PTT button connect to my smartphone?

To connect the PTT button to your smartphone, open your phone’s settings and turn on Bluetooth permissions. Then, access Settings in the Tango Tango app, select PTT Button, and toggle on Enable iOS PTT Support.

How much of my phone’s battery will the PTT button use up?

Tango Tango uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your phone, which has little impact on your phone’s battery.

Will it work with a case?

Tango Tango’s PTT button works with most cases made of plastic or metal.

Can I detach the PTT button?

Tango Tango’s PTT button uses a reusable adhesive. It can be taken off and reattached.

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We’re here to keep you connected 24/7. Contact our support team for assistance with any service issues or inquiries.

1-888-826-4607 x.2
[email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

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