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For many rural law enforcement agencies, the ability to communicate over large geographic areas with other first responders is limited. Be it dead zones or different radio frequencies, these limitations often result in the inability for officers to communicate in real-time with each other. These everyday hurdles handicap first responders by impeding their ability to protect themselves and their communities during an emergency situation.

By expanding secure transmission of radio communications to LTE for individual departments and approved surrounding law enforcement agencies, the coverage limitations that once led to miscommunications and increased safety threats are eliminated. If command staff or speciality units are out of range, having access to an expanded network allows for information to be passed along in real-time, which comes in handy for units enroute to their designated coverage areas.

Chris Dozier, Director of the Elmore 9-1-1 Office in Wetumpka, Alabama, says before expanding radio communications with Tango Tango’s PTT and radio integration services, the first responders in rural Wetumpka could only communicate using a VHF radio or the telephone.“VHF radios have become pretty expensive and the service is not what it used to be 20 years ago,” said Dozier.

The director of Elmore 9-1-1 says his operations are working more efficiently with the integration of Tango Tango’s services.“By adding Tango Tango we were able to offer the emergency service departments the option to have coverage anywhere their LTE provider had coverage and they could access their department’s radio channel and others from their cell phones,” said Dozier.

Now, departments across Elmore County have a tool at their disposal that facilitates constant communication regardless of radios being left at home, being broken, or being out of range. On top of that, responders no longer need to carry a cumbersome radio to each call, let alone as they do daily activities both at work and on-call, as some volunteers do daily. Dozier says they have also eliminated the need to pay a costly programming fee every time someone wants to have access to a new channel. “We are able to add the channel to the user through a web portal remotely,” said Dozier. Having the ability to customize communication channels that support mutual aid is imperative for the safety of first responders as well as the citizens they are helping.

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