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In the event of a natural disaster, your mission as a first responder is to respond quickly and maintain overall public safety within your community. However, because of the impacts of severe weather or other natural disasters, traditional radios can become inoperable, disabling your ability to communicate with your team and other agencies. Through secure smartphone integration, Tango Tango enables complete cooperation in the palm of your hand. Our secure mobile push-to-talk (PTT) app has built-in limitless radio capabilities to ensure you can achieve rapid, direct communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime. When your radio doesn’t work, Tango Tango does. Stay ready with Tango Tango.

Severe Weather Prohibits Interoperability

During severe natural disasters, emergency communication infrastructure will often sustain serious damage, causing radios to go offline. This can be further complicated when multiple agencies from across the region, operating on different radio frequencies, respond in support. More often than not, local public safety agencies lack the resources to provide volunteer responders from other departments with compatible radios, leaving them with no way to communicate with each other during emergency response. This creates an urgent need for a cohesive, integrated communication network.

Tango Tango: Seamless Communication During Disasters

Although it’s common for communication systems to go down during a natural disaster, cell phone providers are generally quick to provide temporary resources such as cellular on wheels (COW) units to restore networks, which can be done much faster than replacing or repairing radio towers. Tango Tango, a secure mobile push-to-talk app, is a mission-critical form of communication that integrates radio systems and eliminates distance limitations. This allows public safety officers to stay connected during any and all time-sensitive emergency situations. Because Tango Tango can communicate with radios on any frequency, multiple public safety agencies can instantly communicate and coordinate their actions without the need for extra handheld units. Because we understand the importance of time sensitivity during emergency response, Tango Tango licenses can also be authorized on the spot at no charge, allowing you to quickly connect with all responders.

When It Mattered

During Hurricane Michael, the Seminole County, Florida Sheriff’s office used Tango Tango to conduct emergency communications via cellular phones despite the limited cell phone coverage in the area. Through Tango Tango, the team was able to skillfully communicate with their command post and provide emergency communication solutions when radio towers were inoperable.

“We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to test your product and extending that test while we were deployed to one of the most powerful hurricanes to strike Florida in a long time.”

Mark Pergola
Captain | Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, FL

Who is Tango Tango?

Tango Tango emerged from a clear need for interoperability in public safety. The tragedy of 9/11 was the catalyst for providing a real solution to communication barriers for emergency response agencies.

“In 2001, the Fire Department of New York, the New York Police Department, and the Port Authority Police all used different radio systems with different capabilities on different frequencies. Unable to connect with each other, neither of the agencies nor the rescuers themselves could efficiently coordinate to help victims. This disconnection may also have prevented the evacuation of responders before the buildings fell.”

Disaster Communications: Lessons from 9/11
Homeland Security News Wire | 2016

The chaos around the lack of interoperability between public safety agencies is what inspired Tango Tango to become what it is today, a secure mobile push-to-talk app that eliminates communication barriers, at a fraction of the cost.

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