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The best push-to-talk walkie talkie app

roip radio to phone connection

Tango Tango adds on to & expands your radio system.

Talk to your radio system from phones, PCs, tablets.

Add coverage thru phones & other devices.

Unlimited & encrypted additional radio channels.

Easy interoperability with Neighboring Agencies.

Recording & playback of radio traffic right from our app.

Receive fire tone-outs on your smartphone.

Backup your radio system.

Use what you already own to PTT better today.

smartphone tango tango


tango tango web client


tablet tango tango


cellular & wifi walkie talkie

Cellular/Wifi Radios

2-way radio

Traditional Radios

Make it easy for your entire team to communicate when the seconds count.

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Don’t have a two-way radio system?


With Tango Tango, maybe you don’t need one.

ptt app radio call

Replace radios, save costs, expand capabilities.

Use phones, PCs, tablets as your walkie talkies.

Save time & money.

Unlimited & encrypted radio channels.

Recording & playback of radio traffic right from our app.

Accessories & devices available to customize your two-way experience.

Hear From Our Customers

“Tango Tango Interoperability is a must in rural Georgia. Many cases cross jurisdictional boundaries but we all have different radio system. These differing systems make it difficult to communicate. But, we partnered with our neighbors through Tango Tango and now we can communicate in a minute's notice. The Tango Tango system has greatly improved response times and officer safety.

Sheriff Billy HancockCrisp Co, GA Sheriff's Dept

We were blown away by Tango Tango’s usability and the way it eliminates the communication problems. We found radios to be outdated but competing products to Tango are clunky and difficult to navigate. We've had the best experience with the Tango Tango app and service.

Major Adel ValdezBerrien County, GA Sheriff's Office

Tango Tango is simple, user-friendly, and reliable. Once you try it, you will have to have it as part of your everyday life.

Chief Josh McDanielIrondale, AL Fire Dept

Marion County is mountainous and radio communication is inconsistent. We have members who live outside our radio coverage. Tango Tango has been the perfect tool to resolve our communication issues. It also gives the ability to have additional fireground frequencies which is a bonus.

Chief Lowell HardinJasper Highlands, TN VFD

Users on Tango Tango Customer Support

The Tango Tango Difference


Whether you need a full radio system integration or an app-only solution, you'll be online quickly.

A solution, not a project to manage.

We know you don't need another project to manage. We do the heavy lifting and make it simple for you.

Support from Real People.

Every member of our team lives in the USA and averages 10+ years in the industry. No waiting days for an email follow up. We'll know you by name and you'll know us.

Made in the USA

Push-to-talk is the communication relied on by first responders in critical situations. It is too important to outsource to foreign countries & coders. All of our code is proudly written in the USA by US citizens.

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smartphone tango tango

Check out the PTT app relied on by thousands of first responders every day.

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Radio Connection

2-way radio

Expand your existing radio system to phones, PCs, IoR radios, and more.

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User holding a phone equipped with Tango Tango's PTT button

Give your smartphone a PTT button to make it feel like a two-way radio.

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Fire Tones

tango tango web client

Two-tone paging alerts from your fire department on your smartphone.

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IoR Radios

cellular & wifi walkie talkie

Two-way radios that communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

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