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Frontline Worker PTT Plan for Healthcare & More

What Tango Tango does

roip radio to phone connection

We make cell phones, PCs, and tablets work like two-way radios.

  • Talk direct phone-to-phone in two-way radio style communication
  • Use devices already in your team’s hands to communicate better today without spending a lot of money.
  • Connect to your existing radio system (if you have one) or use phones only to communicate.
  • Optionally add LTE Radios. LTE Radios are walkie talkies that work on cellular or wifi to give you the best parts of radio & cellular in one package.

Get things done faster with push-to-talk

ptt app for construction walkie talkies

Communicate in voice groups with push-to-talk using the devices you already have.

Enable your team to communicate & react faster:

Talk to everyone - or select groups - at the push of a button

First responders depend on PTT because it’s the fastest way to communicate with a team. One person pushes a button, everyone else hears, no interaction needed for the listener.

Use equipment you already own to get the job done faster & safer

Use devices – phones, tablets, and PCs – that are already in the hands of your team everyday to communicate faster and be safer. All without breaking the bank.

Buy fewer radios - or none at all

Wondering why 2-way radios cost so much and do so little? Us too. If you have an existing radio system, we can connect to it and help you buy fewer radios. If you don't have radios, you can just use us instead of radios.

Expand existing radio coverage

Have a radio system today but finding gaps in your coverage? Or no coverage at all outside your business? Connect with Tango Tango and talk to your radio system from anywhere you have cellular coverage.
ptt button for frontline teams

We make it simple & affordable to empower your entire faculty with emergency voice communication.

Easily add & change talkgroups

Create unlimited new, encrypted radio channels within our app. Create permanent channels for day-to-day operations or "on the fly" channels for emergent situations as they happen. Groups can be any size. No need to have each radio reprogrammed to change your setup.

Protect your comms

Many traditional radios can be monitored by scanners which creates a safety & privacy issue. But, all traffic within our PTT app is AES-256 encrypted - the same encryption used by banks & the military. Traffic in Tango Tango cannot be monitored by scanners. Be confident that your business communication is safe in Tango Tango.

Tired of carrying a radio?

Have a radio system and tired of carrying a radio around all day into meetings? Move your radio onto your phone and stop carrying that brick.

Recording & Playback

Miss a transmission or just need to hear it again? Want to play back what happened yesterday right from your phone? The Tango Tango app records & provides in-app playback of all radio traffic.This can be disabled if desired.

See where your team members are

The Tango Tango app provides full GPS tracking capabilities. Track your team and see where they are in real-time to help coordinate faster response to issues.

Individual User Pricing

Starter PlanLeast expensive

$ 19

Per User Per Year

Monthly Cost: $1.58/user

Push to talk with other users

Add Unlimited Channels

AES-256 Encryption

GPS Tracking

Pro PlanMost Popular

$ 59

Per User Per Year

Monthly Cost: $4.91/user

Push to talk with other users

Add Unlimited Channels

AES-256 Encryption

GPS Tracking

Recording & In-App Playback

Connect with other Organizations

PTT from any web browser

Radio connection capable (additional cost)

Two-tone paging decode & alerting

Business PlanBest Value - Good Thru June 30th

$ 2,995

Per Year

Monthly User Cost: $0.25 (Pro Users)

Push to talk with other users

Add Unlimited Channels

AES-256 Encryption

GPS Tracking

Recording & In-App Playback

Connect with other Organizations

PTT from any web browser

Radio connection capable

Two-tone paging decode & alerting

Includes 1,000 Pro User Licenses

Add 1,000 additional licenses for $995/year

Includes 1 traditional radio channel connection

Add’l radio connection – $1,495/yr

Free Shipping on PTT Accessories & LTE Radios

Lock In Pricing & Save

Buy 3 Years, Get 1 FreeMost Popular - Good Thru Sept 30th

$ 8,985

For 4 Years

Buy 3 years, get 1 free – good thru Sept 30th

Effective price: $2,246/year

Unlimited Users

Includes 1 traditional radio channel connection

Includes all features of Business Plan

Add’l radio connection – $1,121/yr ($4,985/4 yrs)

Add 1,000 traditional licenses $749/yr ($2,997/4 yrs)

24/7/365 USA-based Support

No setup fees, 30-Day Free Trial Available

With a Public Safety Agency or School? See our special Public Safety & Education pricing instead.

Get the job done faster & safer.

30-Day Free Trial

There is no better way to see how it works than trying it out. Most of our customers have purchased after a Free Trial.  Click the Free Trial button, fill out the form, and we will have you up & running in about 1 week.

Need to add a traditional radio channel for a small team?

$1,495/yr per radio channel connects 1 traditional radio channel to any plan, giving you the ability to listen to radio traffic and talk from anywhere that your phone works. This price includes all the hardware & support you will need. We make it easy.  Learn more about RoIP radio connections.

LTE Radios

Purchase LTE Radios to add radios that work over cellular or Wifi to your plan. If you feel you need that traditional radio form factor for certain users – like bus drivers – LTE radios feel like radios but work off cellular & Wifi coverage. Learn more about LTE Radios.

Customer Reviews

We were quickly blown away by Tango Tango’s usability and the way it eliminates the communication problems for our team. We found radios to be outdated and competing products to be clunky and difficult to navigate, but we've had the best experience with the Tango Tango app and service.

Major Arel ValdezBerrien County, GA Sheriff's Office

We are extremely pleased with Tango Tango! I often use it while en route to work to monitor our radio traffic and when I am off-duty. The sound quality is excellent! The customer support is exceptional as well. I strongly recommend this app.

Walter Warner, Dispatch ManagerAtlanta Public Schools Police Department

Lone Star Protective Services depends on Tango Tango

More Reviews

Why push-to-talk for time-sensitive communications?

ptt button for construction

Push-to-talk is the communication method for teams tackling real-time situations.

First responders depend on push-to-talk. Here’s why you should too:

Voice is the easiest way for most people to communicate

Text-based messaging systems are great for with users that frequently read a screen – desk workers for example. But, for workers who are mobile – either on their feet or driving – texting is slower, less convenient, and can even be dangerous.

No interaction needed to listen

A text requires looking down at a screen. Accepting a phone call requires swiping to accept. Playing back an audio message requires multiple button presses. Push-to-talk listeners simply hear the audio come out of their phone and can keep their eyes on the situation at hand without looking down.

Multiple people in the conversation

With push-to-talk, you have groups setup of hundreds, even thousands, and can talk to them at a moment's notice. No need to call one person, conference in another, etc.

Want the feel of a traditional radio?

siyata sd7

Need a traditional radio form factor? LTE Radios are the answer.

LTE Radios give you a radio-like device that can talk via wifi or LTE.

Loud & clear

LTE Radios are as loud as a walkie-talkie but have the clarity of cellular.

Feel of a radio + coverage of a cell phone

LTE Radios look and feel like radios but communicate over cellular or Wifi networks.

Built to Last

IP68 rating, dust-proof, water resistant in 1.5 meters of water up to 30 minutes. 12 hour battery life.

Answers to your questions

Who is Tango Tango?

tango tango ceo trey sharp

Why are we here? What do we believe? Find out here.

Learn About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

ptt app for fire departments

Unanswered questions? We might have your answer here.

Read the FAQ

Learn about the PTT App & more


The best PTT walkie-talkie app for Public Safety. Relied on by thousands of first responders.


Radio Connection

Use RoIP to expand your existing radio system to phones, PCs & LTE radios.



Give your smartphone a PTT button to make it feel like a two-way radio.


LTE Radios

Cellular walkie-talkies that communicate nationwide using cellular & wifi.

LTE Radios

See why First Responders rely on our PTT App

healthcare communications

Keep your team safe & connected while getting the job done faster.

30-Day Free Trial

1 radio channel, unlimited PTT app users

24/7/365 support

Try us out and see why why thousands of first responders choose Tango Tango as the best PTT app.

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