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Here’s What You Should Know

1. Smartphones can integrate directly with emergency radio systems to facilitate immediate response and clearer communication during school-related emergencies.

2.Tango Tango connects all staff in any building on any campus as well as public safety agencies with the push of a single button.

3. The technology can be demoed for free to ensure it fits perfectly into any districts or departments safety plans.

School safety leaders are working overtime to provide safe, protected learning environments for children. For those tasked with ensuring school safety, secure safety plans are the best way to maintain protection. David Wrzesinski, Robinson Independent School District (ISD) School Safety Director, enlisted Tango Tango to complete his safety school plan. Wrzesinski believes that better planning and proper rehearsal are key to ensuring school safety, with effective communication at the center of it all.

“Communication really is at the top. You’ve got to start there, because if people don’t know how to disseminate the information, they’re not going to be able to execute the plan,” Wrzesinski explains.

Wrzesinski believes that three characteristics are incredibly important when adding a new asset to your arsenal: teachability, usability and effectiveness. “When I look at those three things,” Wrzesinski says, “I think Tango Tango really has all of those qualities.”

During emergencies, seconds count, especially in an active shooter situation. With the help of Tango Tango, Robinson ISD is now able to connect with their local police department at the push of a button.

“If you get on Tango Tango and you push and say, active shooter at the high school or somewhere else, they (police) are immediately notified. We don’t have to go through the 9-1-1 process,” said Wrzesinski. Tango Tango not only allows school administrators to directly communicate with public safety officers but also their  school staff at all times, no matter what building or campus. The smartphone app ensures your teams are on the same page and prepared in an emergency situation.

Tango Tango is committed to being a reliable and clear source of communication during the most time-sensitive moments. Find out if Tango Tango is right for you with a free trial. Because when every second seems like hours, you want unlimited communication you can count on. At Tango Tango, a safe future starts here.

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