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Here’s What You Should Know

1. Radio system limitations coupled with geographical restrictions present communication challenges for public safety teams and supporting agencies.

2. Tango Tango enhances existing radio systems, allowing teams to securely operate and communicate on the same frequency using mobile devices.

3. The technology can be tested for 30-days free to ensure it addresses public safety needs for complete cooperation during an emergency response.

Chief Ed Ralston of the Arab, Alabama police department is well aware of the communication challenges with neighboring agencies. Recently, Ralston’s team responded to a shooting in Cullman County, but couldn’t communicate with Cullman County sheriff deputies because both teams were on different frequencies. Additionally, the DA’s office also responded to the shooting but was unable to communicate with Ralston’s team because of location barriers. Geographical limitations coupled with radio system limitations hindered Ralston’s team from effectively communicating with supporting agencies. 

Today, Chief Ralston and his neighboring agencies use Tango Tango’s secure push-to-talk app that enables all teams to operate and communicate on the same frequency. Tango Tango’s ability to securely integrate existing radio systems provided Ralston’s team with unprecedented interoperability with other organizations, the freedom to surpass distance limitations, and enabled complete cooperation during an emergency response. 

“What brings us together with the Tango Tango app is being able to talk to our surrounding agencies that we work with and be on a common frequency.”

Ed Ralston
Chief | Arab Police Department, AL

Not only do the limitations of traditional radio systems hinder you from communicating with all public safety agencies, but it also fails to reach beyond range constraints. Built for public safety leaders by public safety leaders, Tango Tango’s secure mobile push-to-talk app is the solution to common challenges you face every day. Tango Tango’s integration facilitates group and one-to-one calling, text/media group messaging, and the ability to send out emergency alerts. Find out if Tango Tango is right for you with a free trial. Experience unlimited reach, when it matters most. 

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