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Tango Tango allows first responders to rely on one channel of communication. This increases public safety for the communities as well as the responders. All of those using the app will be able to connect with each other no matter where they may be which means no need to worry if one of your team members is out of jurisdiction. You will still be able to communicate with them through the radio channel and the Tango Tango app. Other first responders in your area who use Tango Tango may also be contacted through the service connecting EMT services, law enforcement, and firemen, together in one, reliable place. Other helpful features include GPS, audio playback, and emergency alert capabilities.

With an easy to use platform, it works simply by connecting a smartphone to a radio frequency. There is no limit to the distance it can reach, which means you and your team are covered 100% of the time. It may also be used with or without a traditional radio. Tango Tango’s app adds security to your daily communications. With the ability to assign who may access your radio channels, you can rest assured that your mission will not be compromised. 

PHI Air Medical has bases all over the country including some very rural locations. They have locations in Phoenix, Lexington, Indianapolis, and Falls Church. PHI Air Medical provides flight services to a variety of situations including scenes and patient transports. While they mostly use helicopters they also have fixed wing aircrafts and ground transportation in their fleet. Wayne Cummings, Communications Systems Manager of PHI Air Medical says they recently implemented Tango Tango’s services as a way to fill in the gaps where their communication was lacking. 

“Our communication centers are 24/7 and we have four main centers,” said Cummings. Before using Tango Tango’s services, the company would rely on radios within the helicopters and the towers they are connected to. These towers were in fixed locations and each time a base changed locations, the towers would have to be relocated as well. Since many of their bases are often relocated or are in remote areas, they needed a surefire way to maintain communication during times of transition. 

While they still utilize this type of communication, by implementing Tango Tango’s services pilots can have continual communication in those areas that may have been patchy before as new bases are set up. Crews must have some means of communication at all times during flights. With Tango Tango, crews are always covered. 

“Tango Tango has allowed us to utilize two towers in Arizona that dispatch pilots in New Mexico and Texas…In the event of a disaster, we can still carry out operations…It helps us sustain our operations where our past radio system lacks.”

Wayne Cummings
Communications Systems Manager | PHI Air Medical

Currently, they have a lot of traffic on one channel but are considering expanding their use of Tango Tango to create more channels for communication which will help their fleet be even more efficient. “In the event of a disaster, we can still carry out operations,” said Cummings. Communications and the use of Tango Tango’s services allow PHI Air Medical helicopters to have a better level of operations for their flight crew and clients. “It helps us sustain our operations where our past radio system lacks,” said Cummings. 

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