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Here’s What You Should Know

1. Public Safety agencies face interoperability challenges due to incompatible radio equipment, lack of a common language, and the use of different frequency bands by different agencies.

2. The lack of interoperability between agencies hinders rapid response and cooperation, putting first responder teams at-risk of danger.

3. Tango Tango’s secure mobile push-to-talk app reliably bypasses radio communication barriers and enables instant communication between teams and cooperating agencies.

In time-sensitive situations, maintaining constant, clear communication within teams and cooperating agencies is critical to ensuring the safety of both first responders and the public they serve. Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice cited the top “challenges to achieving interoperability include incompatible radio equipment, lack of a common language, and the use of different frequency bands by different agencies.”

Radio signals are constantly disrupted by natural disasters, dead zones such as walls or rough terrain, range limitations, or incompatible frequencies between agencies – resulting in inoperative communication. Consequently, interagency coordination is hindered. This prevents rapid response and rescue, leaving first responder teams and the public in danger of preventable outcomes.

During emergency situations, multiple agencies across different jurisdictions lose precious time as attempts are made to communicate over different frequencies and incompatible equipment. Failing to keep teams in communication during a crisis not only challenges rescue coordination but also the safety of first responders.

While traditional radio systems can be unreliable, incompatible, and sometimes even unusable, recent advancements in technology have given smartphones the ability to integrate with existing radio systems while keeping the lines of communication open. When every second counts, the safety of first responders and the public rely on seamless correspondence.

Tango Tango’s secure, push-to-talk radio app provides a reliable solution for high-risk teams, bypassing the restrictions of radio communications and allowing agencies to collaborate uninterrupted.

“Tango Tango interoperability is a must in rural Georgia. With numerous counties located nearby, many cases will cross jurisdictional boundaries. We all have different radio systems making it difficult to communicate effectively and efficiently. We have partnered with our neighbors to the north and south, Dooly and Turner counties. We all three have Tango Tango which has greatly improved response and officer safety to our respective jurisdictions. I-75 runs through all three counties making it a must. We can communicate in a minute’s notice.”

Billy Hancock
Sheriff | Crisp County Sheriff’s Department, GA

When disaster strikes, precious seconds can be lost while dispatchers translate and relay emergency communications, testing the coordination and response abilities of public safety agencies. Tango Tango overcomes interoperability challenges, providing agencies with the ability to quickly work together by sharing information in real time.

Designed to help teams communicate across all networks during emergency situations, Tango Tango quickens response time and enables instant push-to-talk communication. At Tango Tango, we never leave your team. For a free trial, contact Tango Tango today.

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