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Here’s What You Should Know

1. In the case of large-scale emergencies that cover multiple jurisdictions and large geographical regions, first responders don’t have access to clear, reliable, direct communication.

2. When radios are offline, app-based communicating using ROIP helps first responders stay in contact, regardless of their geographical location.

3. Tango Tango’s affordable app-based communications solution does not force users to get rid of traditional radios, but instead seamlessly integrates the two.

When disaster strikes, lives depend on first responders having rapid access to clear, reliable, direct communication. This can be challenging in the case of large-scale emergencies that encompass large geographical regions in multiple jurisdictions, particularly when radio infrastructure is damaged and outdated.

When radios are offline, app-based communication using Radio Over Internet Protocol (ROIP) can help first responders remain in contact – no matter where they are. Even when cell towers are destroyed, such as the case in the tornado outbreak of 2011 in Northern Alabama, portable Cellular on Wheels (COW) units can be deployed to quickly restore cellular communications, enabling personnel to coordinate rescue, recovery, and infrastructure restoration efforts.

Although radio communications systems remain down until towers can be replaced, cellular communications can be quickly restored where necessary. App-based communications can harness the power of connected cellular networks, allowing emergency responders to easily stay in contact wherever they are as long as they have smartphones.

Following Hurricane Michael, Florida’s state repeater went down, rendering police radios useless. According to Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Captain Mark Pergola, Tango Tango came to the rescue , allowing his team to continue conducting emergency communications via cell phone.

Radio communications can also be hindered when first responders have to leave their radios behind. This came into play in Blunt County, South Dakota when a woman was caught in a blizzard. Lost and alone in freezing temperatures and hip-deep snow, the missing woman needed to be located and rescued quickly. The Blunt Rural Fire Department launched an all-hands-on-deck search and rescue operation.

Because seven to eight squad members responded to the scene using their personal vehicles, they weren’t equipped with traditional radios and would have had no way to communicate with one another quickly.

Because Blunt RFD had recently invested in Tango Tango with exactly this situation in mind, the responders were able to communicate and as a result located the lost woman, saving her life before hypothermia set in.

“Tango Tango helped save her life…we were able to locate her much quicker and effectively with Tango Tango.”

Wyatt Leesman
Assistant Chief | Blunt Rural Fire Department, SD

While it can be used as a replacement for radios, Tango Tango’s affordable app-based communications solution does not force users to get rid of traditional radios, but instead seamlessly integrates the two. At a price point of $8 per user per month, Tango Tango provides a life-saving and effective communications tool that is both reliable and affordable no matter what size the team.

We understand the importance of seamlessly maintaining clear, reliable communications when moments matter. Never leave your team with Tango Tango. For a free trial, contact Tango Tango today.

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