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Verizon 2.0 is our biggest app update yet & is available for download now from the App Store & Play Store. Here are a few of the biggest additions & fixes:

Priority Channels

  • Long press on a channel, hit the Priority toggle to give that channel Priority. Priority Channels will interrupt non-priority channels.
  • For example, if you are sharing channels with a neighbor and have your own dispatch channel as well, you could make your own dispatch channel a Priority Channel while leaving your neighbor’s channels as non-priority channels. This lets you monitor your neighbor’s traffic but never miss traffic on your own channel.
  • This setting is customizable by each user and lets each user pick the channels that matter most to them.

Do Not Disturb with First Response Tone Alerts

  • You can now receive Incident Calls from First Response Tones while in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Go to Settings – First Response – Toggle on Receive Incident Calls in DND
  • This enables you to turn on DND to turn off all radio traffic but still receive tone outs as they happen.

Adjust Frequency of GPS Updates

  • We have improved the default rate of GPS updates to maximize your battery life
  • You can also now tweak your preferred rate of updates. Go to Settings – Location Services – Frequency to adjust how frequently your phone will update its location on the map.
  • We feel the default setting gives the optimal mix of location accuracy & performance but you may tweak this setting around your specific needs.

Improved call reliability

  • Improved call startup speed & overall call reliability.
  • Greatly improved app startup time & reload time on iPhone. iPhone users will find that they join calls faster especially while the app is in the background and will have an all-around stronger, faster experience.
  • Improved support for Bluetooth PTT accessories on iPhone. Connection should be more consistent & reliable.

Filter Channels to Show Only Recording or Messages

  • Hit the Gear in the Top Right of the Channel view to access filtering options to see only Text Messages, only Recordings, or both.

Text Transcription of Radio Traffic

  • Beta feature, contact us to learn more or enable.

Organization Devices

  • Organization admins can now create Organization Devices that can be easily moved between users.
  • For example, you might setup one of our new LTE Radios, the Siyata SD7, and assign it to John today. But, tomorrow, you might move this device to David.
  • The device bonds to the existing user’s account and has all the existing user’s channels. The traffic from the organization will still appear as John or David when they key up if the radio is tied to their account at that time.

Celebrating Version 2 with Buy 2 Years, Get 1 Free

We are running a special promotion for current & new customers – Buy 2 Years, Get 1 Year Free. With our new Unlimited Users Plan, there’s no better value in push-to-talk. Contact Us if you’d like to learn more or start a free trial or click here to check out our current Pricing.