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A few problems we solve:

Radio dead zones in schools or rural areas?

Can't talk with neighboring agencies via radio?

Not enough budget for radios?

Carrying a radio everywhere - even off-duty or in meetings?

What you can do with Tango Tango

We connect your agency’s existing dispatch channel to phones, tablets, computers, and more. This lets you talk with your agency’s radio system from anywhere you have an internet connection.

In addition to your existing channel(s), you can talk direct phone-to-phone using our unlimited, encrypted push-to-talk channels.

With Tango Tango, your agency can:

Expand your radio system to every cell tower

Use a phone, tablet, or PC to talk to your radio system from anywhere. It doesn't matter if you are in a school where radios don't cover, or across the state, or around the world.

Buy fewer radios

If you're buying pricey radios for volunteers, backups, new recruits, or for interoperability purposes, we might lower your spend. Get new users talking in seconds using their phones & other devices.

Talk with neighboring agencies

We make interoperability easy & affordable. Talk with your neighbors even if you're not on the same carrier or don't have the same type of radio system.

Stop carrying a radio everywhere you go

Tired of lugging your radio or two-tone pager into meetings, church, or dinner with the family? With Tango Tango, you can leave your radio or pager in the car or at home.

Add additional channels & talkgroups on the fly

You aren't limited to just your existing radio channels. Create unlimited new, encrypted channels within our app for interop, tac channels, or for discussing sensitive information.

Protect your comms

All traffic within our app is AES-256 encrypted - the same encryption used by banks & the military. Your integration will be monitored by our support team right here in the USA. Be confident that your channels are safe in Tango Tango.

PTT from any carrier, PTT to any carrier

Use any cell carrier you want. No need to have multiple agencies move to a single carrier just to talk to one another.

Track your team

The Tango Tango app includes built-in location tracking. Track the location of your team from the mobile app or from computers at dispatch.

Listen to recordings anywhere

Missed some traffic while in a meeting or if you're on vacation? Just open the Tango Tango app, hit play, and you'll be up to speed.

Receive two-tone pages

Receive two-tone page outs on your phone, IoR Radio, or other device and quit carrying that pager or radio everywhere you go.

Push-to-talk from computers

Budget stretched too tight to keep buying a portable & mobile for everyone? Use Tango Tango on your in-vehicle computers as a mobile radio or add Tango Tango to your dispatch computers.

Have the best backup radio system

Dispatch go down? Often, backup radio systems are limited in capability or sometimes even hosted on the same tower. Tango Tango gives you an already in-place backup radio system through a totally different path - cell towers.
roip radio to phone connection
SRO Radio Technology

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users levels up the comms of your entire agency for less than the cost of a single P25 radio.

For one flat fee per radio channel connected, we give your agency unlimited, full-featured user licenses.

Put a spare radio in everyone's pocket

Smartphone PTT is the perfect way to make dispatch easily available to those who are off-duty, in meetings, working covert, or other situations.

Backup Your Radio System

Give every member of your agency a backup push-to-talk solution for times when the radio system is down or when their radio is out of coverage.

Expand Radio Coverage for Every Member of Your Agency

Have “dead zones” in schools or rural parts of your county? If every member of your agency has PTT on their phone, they can switch to cellular PTT to fill in radio coverage gaps.


Quickly add visiting agencies in a mutual aid scenario. Or share licenses with neighbors to create permanent interop groups.
Emergency Response Efforts

Unlimited Users ties together everyone in your agency. Share users with neighbors for instant interoperability.

How much does it cost?

ptt radio app for law enforcement
ptt app for fire departments

We make it simple & affordable to level up your agency’s comms.

The Unlimited Plan for Public Safety



Unlimited Users

Connect as many users & devices as you'd like. Add every member of your agency, your entire volunteer fire association, and even add neighboring agencies for interoperability. All for one flat price.

One Radio Channel Connected

We send you all the hardware needed to connect your radio system along with a built-in cellular connection. No wired internet needed, no setup fees.

24/7/365 Support

We know your agency is working every day of the year so we are too. Our support includes remote monitoring, live troubleshooting with our USA-based staff, and free replacement of hardware that fails.


$1,495/yr per channel to add additional radio channels

Purchase IoR Radios to add radios that work over cellular to your plan Learn More

Split the cost any way you like among agencies to maximize your savings, we will handle the billing. Example: a volunteer fire association with 15 departments splits the costs evenly and each department has a bill that is just under $200/year.

Only for Public Safety

The Unlimited Plan for Public Safety is only available to Public Safety & government agencies. If you are not government or Public Safety, please see our Business or Education plans.

Frequent Questions

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you decide that Tango Tango is not for you in the first 30 days, we will gladly refund your purchase.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. Click here to fill out a form to contact Sales and we are happy to setup a Free Trial for your agency.

Are there any discounts?

We offer a 5% annual discount if you sign up for Auto Payment through credit card or ACH. Any future payment made through Auto Pay is discounted by 5%. You can cancel Auto Pay at any time.

Or, we offer a 5% per year discount for years 2-5 if multiple years are paid for at once. For example, pay for 3 total years and get a 10% discount. This offer is capped at 5 total years and a 20% discount off the entire price.

Unlimited Plan

$ 2,995

Per Year

What’s Included?

Here’s everything included with the Unlimited Plan for Public Safety.

Radio Connection Kit

  • Radio Connection hardware, shipping, and expert guided setup & audio tuning.
  • 24/7/365 USA-based Phone Support for your Radio Connection
  • No-cost replacement of hardware if something ever fails, we even cover shipping costs
  • You only need to provide a spare radio to plug up to the hardware
  • See more

Unlimited PTT Users for Smartphones, Tablets, and PCs

  • Encrypted push-to-talk app
  • Create unlimited in-app channels
  • Direct call other app users
  • GPS Tracking
  • Recording & Playback in-app
  • Messaging
  • Two-Tone Paging Decode & Alerts in-app
  • See more
Fire Radios

We connect everyone in your agency to your dispatch channel for less than the cost of a single P25 radio.

Radio Connection Kit

Every Unlimited Plan includes at least one Radio Connection Kit. Here’s what inside:

Radio Gateway

  • This gateway translates audio from your radio into audio that our servers can process.
  • The only thing you need to provide is a spare radio that works on your radio channel. You will plug this radio into our kit once you receive it.

Gateway-to-Phone Cable

  • This cable is specific to the make & model of radio you want to connect. It plugs into the gateway on one side and your phone on the other.

Cellular Modem

  • This modem connects the radio gateway to our servers through a secure internet tunnel using cell towers.
  • A cellular plan is included in the price of every Tango Tango Radio Connection Kit. No need to plug up local internet.
  • If you’d like extra redundancy, plug in a local internet cable for backup. If cell signals ever drops, failover between cellular & local internet is automatic.

Guided Setup by our Experts

  • Call us when you get your kit, our experts will step you through everything.
  • We will tune your radio connection so that your radio connection sounds great.
  • This takes only about 10-15 minutes.

Free Replacements, No Surprises

  • Replacement is on us if your hardware ever fails. We’ll even cover the shipping.
  • Need to change out the type of radio connected? We’ll even swap out your radio cable for free.

24/7 Support

  • We’re here 24/7/365 to support your radio connection.
  • All of our support personnel are based in the USA and have years of experience.
  • We monitor your connection for signs of problems. We sometimes fix a problem remotely before you realize it’s there.

No Finger Pointing

  • If it’s your problem, it’s our problem. We provide the full solution – hardware, software, and network connectivity. We are your single source for any troubleshooting & maintenance.
ptt radio system kit
ptt app for fire departments

We make radio-to-cellular connections fast, easy and secure.

The Tango Tango App

The Unlimited plan includes unlimited app licenses for smartphones & other devices.

Talk to everyone with one button.

Just like a two-way radio, talk with connected dispatch channels or other app users.

AES-256 Encrypted

We use the same encryption relied on by banks & the US military to protect your voice comms.

Unlimited channels & talkgroups

Add unlimited in-app channels. Perfect for tactical channels, channels with sensitive traffic, or for interoperability channels with other agencies.

Listen with no user interaction needed.

No need to accept a call or read a text. Easily monitor real-time traffic using just your phone.

Recording & playback of all audio right from our app.

Want to playback what you missed while in a meeting or while out of town? You can do it right from the app. This can be disabled entirely if desired.

Location Tracking

See where everyone on your team is right from the call screen of the app. This can also be disabled on a per-user basis if desired.


Text messaging with your PTT groups lets you stop maintaining separate apps & user lists to talk with the same group of people.

Receive two-tone pages

Receive two-tone paging alerts from your fire department or EMS right on your smartphone.

Backup your radio system.

Radio system down or you're out of coverage? No problem, switch over to Tango Tango.
ptt app radio call

Turn your agency’s smartphones into smart radios.

PTT & Mapping from any PC or Mac

Use your agency’s unlimited licenses to bring PTT to computers at dispatch or MDTs in vehicles.

Use your computer as a powerful two-way radio

All the two-way radio features from the smartphone app are here.

Track your entire team on a large computer screen

Perfect for dispatch centers or just tracking your team from your office.

Manage & Playback your Recordings

Play your recordings or download them to your computer for later.

Powerful admin capabilities

Make changes "on the fly" as needed. Add new users (from your agency or visiting agencies), delete users, create new talkgroups at a moment's notice.
tango tango web client

Give any computer in your agency the ability to push-to-talk with your dispatch channel & other app users.

Cellular + Wifi + Radio = IoR Radios

IoR Radios give you the best of radios and cellular in one affordable package.

The feel of a radio + the coverage of a cell phone

IoR Radios look & feel like radios but work on cellular & wifi networks. With Tango Tango Radio Connection to your existing system, it’s like adding a nationwide two-way radio to your fleet.

Loud & clear.

Loud enough for high noise environments, clearer than a walkie talkie.

Nationwide - or even worldwide - coverage

IoR Radios work over cellular & wifi to give you coverage almost everywhere.

Encrypted communication

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, calls on IoR Radios are encrypted in AES-256 encryption, the same used by banks & the military.

Automatic Recording

Playback from smartphone app or web browser. All recordings are AES-256 encrypted. Can be turned off if desired.

Use existing networks to expand & backup your radio system

Leverage existing LTE & wifi networks to affordably communicate anywhere. Save money vs. buying & maintaining expensive, proprietary radio infrastructure.

Bult to Last

IP68 rating, dust-proof, water resistant in 1.5 meters of water up to 30 minutes. 12 hour battery life.
siyata sd7

Add IoR Radios into your radio fleet to give your agency more comms options & capabilities than ever before.

Hear From Our Customers

“Tango Tango Interoperability is a must in rural Georgia. Many cases will cross jurisdictional boundaries & we all have different radio systems making it difficult to communicate effectively. We have partnered with our neighbors to the north and south through Tango Tango which has greatly improved response and officer safety. We can communicate in a minute's notice.

Sheriff Billy HancockCrisp Co, GA Sheriff's Dept

We were quickly blown away by Tango Tango’s usability and the way it eliminates the communication problems for our team. We found radios to be outdated and competing products to be clunky and difficult to navigate, but we've had the best experience with the Tango Tango app and service.

Major Adel ValdezBerrien County, GA Sheriff's Office

Tango Tango is simple, user-friendly, and reliable. Once you try it, you will have to have it as part of your everyday life.

Chief Josh McDanielIrondale, AL Fire Dept

Marion County is mountainous and radio communication is inconsistent. We also have members who live outside our primary service area and don't have the ability to communicate by radio. Tango Tango has been the perfect tool to resolve our communication issues. The ability to have additional fireground frequencies is a bonus that expands our capabilities.

Chief Lowell HardinJasper Highlands, TN VFD

Frequently Asked Questions

NO. We’d love to promise that we will never had a price increase. But we plan to be around a long time & inflation can change things over time.

But, we know a surprise price increase can wreck your budget. So, here is what we can promise you – no surprises.

We will do everything we can to avoid a price increase. But if an increase is ever one day necessary, we promise to notify you of any upcoming price increase at least 12 months ahead of time to give you time to budget appropriately.

We know you probably have other vendors increasing your price 5-10% every year – often by surprise – and squeezing your budget more and more. But, there are no surprises with Tango Tango.

You can pay $995 one-time and a member of our team will come on-site for one full day to train your team – no matter whether you are a big department or a small one. We’d love to include this in every plan but many departments don’t want this training and we wanted to lower our price as much as possible for those who don’t need it. So we made this an add-on for those who do want it.

If you add enough channels to spend $10k or more with us annually, the on-site training is on us.

Yes. Our web portal allows you to share your radio channel to another organization. Just send them and invite and they can accept your request. They will then have the ability to determine who inside their organization should have access to the channel. This allows you create & manage interoperability “on the fly”.

You can also revoke their organization’s access from the web portal in the future at any time.

However, we have found that many customers may prefer not to share their main radio channel and instead prefer to setup other Tango Tango channels for interop with other agencies & organizations. The choice is yours.

No. Tango Tango is fully encrypted from your radio to our servers. Traffic is also fully encrypted from our servers to phones & other devices

However, note that, if you integrate Tango Tango to a unencrypted radio system, the radio system itself remains unencrypted. We make no alterations to your existing radio system. We can only secure all traffic going to our servers and to phones.

But, even if your main dispatch is connected & unencrypted, you can still create Tango Tango channels that aren’t integrated into an existing radio system. These channels are secure & encrypted. Many customers use Tango Tango like this to add secure “off-dispatch” channels to their department to handle sensitive, off-dispatch conversations such as those had by Narcotics, SWAT, etc.

No. We connect to one of your spare radios, which is programmed & licensed by whatever means you buy your radios. None of our equipment is transmitting on or touching any of your radio frequencies.

Our servers remotely control your spare radio to connect to your radio system. You likely already have 2-way radios on your network that are controlled remotely. They are probably at your dispatch center where several dispatchers may be sharing a base station or in your fire trucks or ambulances. Think of our server as “cloud” remote control head for your spare radio.

The kit plugs into a port on your radio, often the accessory connector – where the speaker microphone would plug in. Then the kit connects to the internet through cellular to send your radio traffic back to our servers. The cellular connection is included in the plan cost so there is no charge to you for this. Since we use a cell connection to connect, you won’t have to open ports in your firewall or make adjustments to your agency’s local area network.

You can also plug up a local internet cable (not required) and have seamless redundancy. If cellular somehow goes down but your wired internet is still up, your connection stays up.

Absolutely. If you’re, for example, a volunteer fire department that shares a channel with 20 other departments or EMA coordinating a countywide PTT system, we can split this bill out among you and your other agencies. This is totally customizable, it can be split evenly or not evenly. We are here to make your life easier. However, you’ll need to Contact Us to split out a bill in this way because we don’t have a way to do this via a web sale today.

No, replacement and/or repair of your hardware is included in the Tango Tango Plan. We even cover shipping. The only exception to this is cases of clear abuse of the kit by the customer, which we have not seen happen yet.

No, businesses cannot purchase our Unlimited User plan.

At Tango Tango, we are deeply committed to improving the world of public safety communication and doing it as affordably as possible. This has led us to offer the Unlimited Plan to public safety to enable first responders to have everything they might ever need while working in life safety situations. We want to ensure that constraints from us don’t interfere with their ability to do their job – even if it means we sometimes less money or even no money on a public safety account.

However – we do have a similar plan – the Tango Tango Business Plan – that is somewhat more expensive and comes with a very high fixed number of users for one low price. In fact, on a per user basis, it’s the lowest priced fully-featured PTT plan on the market as of the time of this writing. See the Tango Tango for Business page to learn more.

This plan was designed specifically with State/Local Public Safety agencies in mind. Further, most of our experience is in working with Public Safety. We have considered making this plan available to other government agencies but don’t understand the use cases as well. If you are government and not Public Safety, contact us and let’s understand your use case.

No. We have had users radio check to their USA-based radio system from their smartphone in Mexico, Israel, Iraq, and many more. Get into outer space with an internet connection and you should be able to key up from there, too.

Bottom line – with Tango Tango IoR you can talk to your radio system from anywhere that you have your phone & an internet connection.

There’s no catch. To prove it to you, the service has a 30-day money back, no hassle guarantee. Also – if you’d like to trial our service first without putting money down, reach out to our sales team and we can set that up for you.

Tango Tango works on any cellular carrier including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, & USCellular as well as all regional carriers. As long as you can connect to internet from your device, you can talk on Tango Tango.

Just email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-826-4607 extension 2. We will send you a cable for your new radio and talk you through the quick & easy process of the change out.

Our solution is backed by a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like our solution for any reason, we are glad to issue a full refund. If you’re still unsure you’re ready to buy, you can also Contact Sales and we can arrange a Free Trial.

Our approach is based on RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) and this allows us to connect to virtually any type of radio system. We connect to one of the spare radios that you already own and use it to interface to your radio system.

There are a select few radio models that we are unable to connect to. These are models that are rare but simply don’t have cables available to interface to our system. By the very fact that these models are rare, you likely don’t have one. But, our team can determine this in a quick conversation.

The Tango Tango Radio Connection Kit comes with:tango tango roip kit

  • Radio Gateway
    • This translates traffic from your radio into something that our servers can process & understand
  • Gateway-to-Phone Cable
    • This cable is specific to the make & model of radio you want to connect. It plugs into the gateway on one side and your phone on the other.
  • Cellular modem
    • This cellular modem connects the gateway to the internet & our servers.
    • A cellular plan is included in the price of every Tango Tango Radio Connection Kit. Just plug up to power and you’re good to go. No need to plug up local internet.
    • If you wish, you may plug up a local internet cable and this will give your system redundancy & automatic failover in a case where the cellular connection is lost. This is recommended but not necessary.
  • Guided setup by our experts
    • After you get your kit, give us a call. Your kit will arrive pre-setup but we will step you through plugging up your radio to the gateway. We will then stay on the phone with you to tune your connection so that your radio sounds great coming out of your phone & vice versa. This takes only about 10-15 minutes.
  • Free Replacement
    • If your hardware should ever fail, replacement is on us.
    • Need to change out the type of radio connected to the system? No problem, we’ll swap out your radio cable for free.
  • 24/7 Support
    • Have a problem with your radio connection? We’re here 24/7/365 to assist. All of our support personnel are based in the USA and have years of experience.
    • We also monitor your system from our servers for signs of problems, such as a loss of cell signal or a lack of radio traffic. We sometimes can diagnose & fix a problem remotely before you realize it’s there.
    • We have the ability to remotely login to the kit and handle many maintenance or setup tasks ourselves, taking the burden off of you.
    • Bottom line – we make radio connection easy even if you’re not technical.


No. We’ve worked with over a thousand public safety agencies in our years of serving public safety. We have made certain that the technologies we use won’t disrupt your current communications in any way. We plug into an accessory connector for one of your spare radios. That spare is provided by you and is programmed by whomever you have use to program your radios. None of our hardware directly touches or broadcasts on your system in any way. We simply interface to a spare radio in the same way that a speaker microphone or remote control head would.

What does Tango Tango do differently?


Whether you need a full radio system integration or an app-only solution, you'll be online quickly.

A solution, not a project to manage.

We know you don't need another project to manage. We make this stunningly simple.

Support from Real People.

Every member of our team lives in the USA and averages 10+ years in the industry. No waiting days for an email follow up. We'll know you by name.

Long-Term Relationships Focus

For us, it's not about short-term profits, it's about long-term relationships & doing the right thing. It's at the core of what we do.

Made in the USA

Push-to-talk is relied on by first responders in critical situations. It is too important to outsource to foreign countries & coders. All the code that we create is written & supported in the USA.

The Easiest Radio Connection

We specialize in connecting your radio system to phones. With us, it just works. You won't have to spend hours figuring how to make all this work or tuning audio - we make it easy.

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ptt app for fire departments

Unlimited Plan for Public Safety


1 radio channel, unlimited users

24/7/365 support

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Setup a Free Trial

Like to try before you buy? Fill out the form below and one of the experts from our team will be in touch the next working day.

Not ready to try or buy?

Not ready but still want to keep us on your radar? Sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you up to date you on new product updates & promotions. We will never sell your info or spam you, opt out at any time.

What We Believe In

First Responders deserve better.

First responders deserve tech that isn't decades behind consumers. First responders deserve better value per dollar spent. First responders deserve easy comms with neighbors.

No Surprises.

Public safety budgets are tight. Public safety should never be surprised with a price increase. We work hard to avoid any price increase but, if one is ever needed, we will notify you at least 12 months in advance so that we are at least one budget cycle away.

No "Silos"

Public safety technologies should talk with one another. Too many first responder technologies are proprietary and closed off. This slows down response times and increases prices.

Made in the USA

First responder voice comms are mission critical. They should be developed by US citizens to ensure safety & security. We write all of our code inside the USA with US citizens.

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