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The Unlimited Plan for Public Safety PTT App

Level up your comms with Tango Tango
Level up your comms with Tango Tango

A few problems we solve:

Radio dead zones in schools or rural areas?

Can't talk with neighboring agencies via radio?

Not enough budget for radios?

Carrying a radio everywhere - even off-duty or in meetings?

What Tango Tango does

We connect your agency’s dispatch channel to phones with our PTT app.

  • Talk with your agency’s radio system from anywhere you have an internet connection using our push-to-talk app.
  • Talk direct phone-to-phone in two-way radio style communication using unlimited, encrypted push-to-talk channels.
  • Thousands of first responders choose Tango Tango as the best PTT app for public safety.

The best PTT App for Public Safety

SRO Radio Technology

Put a spare radio into the pocket of everyone in your agency.

With Tango Tango’s PTT app, your agency can:

Expand your radio system to every cell tower

Radio "dead zones" in schools or rural areas? Use a phone to talk to your radio system from anywhere thru LTE or Wifi. Talk from your own county, across the state, or around the world.

Have Unlimited Users for one flat price

For one flat price, add as many users as you need - your own team members or even your neighbors. Take the business side out of the way so you can focus on the task at hand.

Buy fewer radios

Giving pricey radios to volunteers, backups, new recruits? We might lower your spend & risk of losing expensive hardware by letting those users start with a phone.

Push-to-talk with neighboring agencies

Make interoperability easy. Talk with neighbors even if you’re not on the same carrier or don’t have the same type of radios. Add temporary users for mutual aid or setup permanent interop groups ready any time.

Stop carrying a radio everywhere you go

Lugging your radio or two-tone pager into meetings, church, or dinner with the family? With our PTT app, you can leave your radio or pager in the car or at home.

Add additional channels & talkgroups on the fly

You aren't limited to just your existing radio channels. Create unlimited new, encrypted channels within our app for interop, tactical, or for discussing sensitive information.

Protect your comms

All traffic within our PTT app is AES-256 encrypted - the same encryption used by banks & the military. Your integration is supported by our team right here in the USA.
Emergency Response Efforts

With Unlimited Users, no one is ever left behind due to budget.

Use with any carrier, any type of radio system

Use any cell carrier you want. No need to have multiple agencies move to a single carrier just to PTT.

Track your team

The Tango Tango PTT app includes built-in location tracking. See your team locations from the mobile app or from computers at dispatch.

Recording & playback from anywhere

Missed a conversation while in a meeting or on vacation? Just open the Tango Tango app, hit play, and you'll be up to speed.

Receive two-tone pages

Receive two-tone page outs on your phone or LTE Radio via our PTT app. Quit carrying that pager or radio everywhere you go.

Push-to-talk from computers

Budget stretched too tight to keep buying a portable & mobile for everyone? Use Tango Tango to turn in-vehicle computers into a mobile radios or add Tango Tango to your computers at dispatch.

Never miss traffic on key channels

With Priority Channels, monitor many different channels while never missing the traffic on your home channel(s). Just long-press on a channel and press the "Priority Channel" toggle to make that channel Priority.

How much does it cost?

The Unlimited Plan for Public Safety

Unlimited PlanUnlimited Users for 1 Flat Price

$ 2,995

for 1 Year

Unlimited Users

1 traditional radio channel connection

Unlimited In-App Channels

AES-256 Encryption

GPS Tracking

Recording & In-App Playback

Interop with other Organizations

PTT from any web browser

Two-tone paging decode & alerting

Add’l radio connection – $1,495/yr

Free Shipping on PTT Accessories & LTE Radios

24/7/365 USA-based Support

No setup fees, 30-Day Free Trial Available

ptt radio app for law enforcement

We make it simple & affordable to level up your agency’s comms.

30-Day Free Trial

There’s no better way to see how it works than trying it for yourself. Click the Free Trial button, fill out the form, and we will have you up & running in about 1 week. We cover the shipping & provide everything that you need.

Free Trial

Lock in Pricing & Save

Buy 3 Years, Get 1 FreeMost Popular - good thru Sept 30th

$ 8,985

for 4 Years

Buy 3 years, get 1 free – good thru Sept 30th

Effective price: $2,246/year

Unlimited Users

1 traditional radio channel connection

Includes all features of Unlimited Plan

Add’l radio connection – $1,121/year ($4,485/4 yrs)

24/7/365 USA-based Support

No setup fees, 30-Day Free Trial Available

ptt app for fire departments

Connect everyone when the seconds count.


Purchase LTE Radios to add radios that work over cellular to your plan Learn More about LTE Radios.

What’s Included?

The Unlimited Plan includes unlimited PTT app licenses + Radio Connection.

Radio Connection Kit

  • We will send you Radio Connection hardware with cellular connectivity. We cover the shipping and provide expert setup & audio tuning.
  • 24/7/365 USA-based Phone Support for your Radio Connection
  • No-cost replacement of hardware if something ever fails, we even cover shipping costs
  • You only need to provide a spare radio to plug up to the hardware

We make radio-to-phone connections simple, fast, and secure – even if you’re not technical.

Unlimited PTT Users for Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, and LTE Radios

  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Encrypted PTT app designed for Public Safety
  • Create unlimited in-app channels
  • Listen & talk on unlimited channels
  • Direct call other app users
  • GPS Tracking
  • Recording & Playback in-app
  • Messaging
  • Two-Tone Paging Decode & Alerts in-app

With Unlimited Users, no one is left behind & everyone is available from every device.

Customer Reviews

Tango Tango Interoperability is a must in rural Georgia. Many cases will cross jurisdictional boundaries & we all have different radio systems making it difficult to communicate effectively. We have partnered with our neighbors to the north and south through Tango Tango which has greatly improved response and officer safety. We can communicate in a minute's notice.

Sheriff Billy HancockCrisp Co, GA Sheriff's Dept

We were quickly blown away by Tango Tango’s PTT app usability and the way it eliminates the communication problems for our team. We found radios to be outdated and competing products to be clunky and difficult to navigate, but we've had the best experience with the Tango Tango app and service.

Major Arel ValdezBerrien County, GA Sheriff's Office

Who is Tango Tango?

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The best PTT walkie-talkie app for Public Safety. Relied on by thousands of first responders.


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LTE Radios

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ptt app for fire departments

With Unlimited Users, no one is left behind.

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30-Day Free Trial

1 radio channel connection, unlimited PTT app users

24/7/365 support

See why why thousands of first responders choose Tango Tango as the best PTT app for Public Safety.